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Collect all the vehicle parts and return to Scooter.

  • Front fender x2
  • Rear fender x2
  • Fuel cell x2
  • Rusty Engine

Mission Information

"Scooter here. Somebody's been really hard on the Runners lately, and we're not going to see a shipment of replacement parts any time soon. There are probably plenty of spare parts we could salvage out in the Commons. Take this list and return with the parts, and I'll pay you for 'em."


The used car parts that Scooter requires are scattered around an enclosed area bordering Crazy Earl's Scrapyard. The Outeryard Fast Travel outpost is nearby and provides a convenient approach to one of the yard's two entrances. Entering the area not only brings one to the location of the car parts, but also into a fire fight with a number of bandits. A Gatling Turret mounted high the middle of the yard also provides a further hazard for intruders to be wary of.

Follow the compass waypoints to each target objective and collect them, whilst dealing with any bandit threats that happen to get in the way.

Image Walkthrough


Approximate location of each part in the mission


(A) Front Fender #1 - This front fender is located directly under the ruined billboard with a Runner on top of it.


(A) Front Fender #2 - This front fender is located between two cargo containers directly southeast of the middle building.


(B) Rear Fender #1 - This rear fender is located next to two lockers on the north-eastern end of the mission area.


(B) Rear Fender #2 - This rear fender is located on top of the middle building in the mission area.


(C) Fuel Cell #1 - This fuel cell is located on the eastern end of the mission area, sitting under a pillar directly east from the middle building.


(C) Fuel Cell #2 - This fuel cell is sitting in the water that has pooled west of the middle building.


(D) Rusty Engine - The rusty engine is sitting on top of a cargo container south of the middle building.


"Thanks, man. With these parts I should be able to keep the Runners running. Somebody's been abusing them like rental cars. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"


  • Mission items:
    • Front fender: "Is that blood?"
    • Rear fender: "Oh sure, that'll buff right out."
    • Fuel cell: "A heavily armored fuel tank fitted with a ladder for convenience."
    • Rusty Engine: "In desperate need of a tune-up."

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