The Seeker is a Seraph assault rifle manufactured by Torgue. It is only available in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Seeker can only be obtained from trading with the Seraph Vendor in Flamerock Refuge.

Special Weapon Abilities

Oh, yeah, that's fair... – Shots fired home in on enemies. Each shot consumes 2 ammo. High accuracy, high damage and low fire rate.

Usage and Description

The Seeker fires gyrojets that home in on targets. This homing ability and above average explosive damage can deal with enemies in cover, even low-to-medium range flying targets. As a main weapon however it suffers from very low fire rate, and most importantly it cannot score critical hits.


  • Kills made with the Seeker are not credited as assault rifle kills, so progress cannot be made for associated challenges.
  • Damage dealt by the Seeker does not count as grenade damage.
  • This weapon works well with Anarchy-focused Mechromancer. The homing effect compensates for the accuracy loss from having large stacks of Anarchy. Using a Jill of All Trades class mod will further boost its damage potential.


LVL 61 Seeker - Homing Rifle! Seraph Spotlight Borderlands 2 Dragon Keep Seraph Weapon03:05

LVL 61 Seeker - Homing Rifle! Seraph Spotlight Borderlands 2 Dragon Keep Seraph Weapon

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