A Sera Guardian is an aerial form of Guardian, pink and greyish-green in colour, that levitates high in the air during combat.


Preferring to keep their distance, Sera Guardians attack with an accurate, steady stream of energy, or a barrage of small energy blasts which distort the victims' view. They are capable of dealing significant damage if ignored, yet have weaker health and shields than their ground-based siblings. It should be noted that the energy stream they fire is pre-empted by a brief targeting beam; although it does no damage, it is a good indication to take cover. Another thing that should be noted about their pulse beam attack is its relatively low aim, focusing on the area of a character's lower body. This makes it possible to take cover behind a low rock or obstacle and fire over it at the Sera Guardian, while its return-fire fails to hit.


  • They usually perch on pillars or archways like gargoyles, but only when unprovoked or otherwise unaware of an interloper. If not, they're likely on-wing and raining energy fire down on their enemies.
  • They have fairly stout shields, but relatively low health, making it advisable to use shock elemental weaponry on them if at all possible.
  • Mordecai's Trespass skill can easily kill them by bypassing their shields and damaging their frail bodies.
  • They do not seem to count towards the Guardian killing challenges, which could be one explanation of why they do not appear in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. [citation needed]


The name "Sera" is a reference to the "Seraphim" of Judeo/Christian beliefs.

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