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Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate
Manufacturer: Tediore
Model: Shield
Element: Any
Game: Borderlands 2
[Shield (Tediore) Variants]

Shields are a common shield type in Borderlands 2. They are manufactured by Tediore.

Usage & Description

Tediore Shields lack any special effects (though they may have elemental resistance) and have low capacity. As rarity increases they gain faster recharge delays and incredibly high recharge rates, to the point that a purple-rarity Tediore Shield may have a recharge rate substantially higher than its actual capacity, allowing it to recharge completely in less than one second. This makes them well suited to attacking from cover, but much less useful in a protracted firefight.

Uniquely, a purple-quality Tediore Shield will have a lower capacity than a blue-quality one of the same level.


  • The "Instant" prefix coupled with a purple rarity Shield grants the lowest recharge delay.
  • In single-player, Vault Hunters not using a Tediore shield can switch to a Tediore shield to utilize its short recharge delay and fast recharge rate, then switch back to the primary shield once the recharge is done to keep refilling to its full capacity.


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