Shield of Ages
Shield of Ages 01
Let me hide myself in Thee.
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Model: Shield of Ages
Element: None
Game: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Mission Reward: The Temple of Boom
Special Part(s):
[Shield of Ages Variants]

Shield of Ages is a unique turtle shield manufactured by Hyperion. It is a mission reward obtained by following Gladstone's instructions at the end of The Temple of Boom.

Special Shield Effects

A shield for the ages. – Above average shield capacity.


  • The shield may only spawn with an Anshin body, an Anshin battery and a Pangolin capacitor, so every Shield of Ages of the same level will be identical.
  • The shield capacity exceeds that of of a Fabled Tortoise shield of the same level. The recharge delay, rate, and max health reduction stats are also better than the Fabled Tortoise, as well as having no movement speed reduction. The only advantage the Fabled Tortoise can possess that Shield of Ages cannot is come with a Blast Proof prefix and a resistance to explosive damage.
  • Despite being manufactured by Hyperion, the shield has properties that resemble shields made by Pangolin, including a decrease to max health.
  • This shield has high synergy with skills that allow for instantaneous percent-based shield regeneration, such as Nisha's Bottled Courage.
  • Before patch 1.0.7, this shield was erroneously skinned with a texture more suitable for blue Maliwan gun.