Sir Hammerlock: if you are to survive out here for any length of time, you'll need a better shield. I humbly suggest paying a visit to the old Crimson Raider safehouse. You'll need to take the elevator up there.

(When the Vault Hunter fails to activate the elevator)

Sir Hammerlock: Of course, I forgot -- the safehouse power box stopped working after Claptrap attempted to... integrate with it.

Claptrap: Ah, what a kidder! Just get a new fuse for the elevator, and ignore what he said about the power box.

(After clearing up the opposition and approaching the electric fence)

Claptrap: Ooh! There's a fuse on the other side of that electric fence. Just run through the fence -- you won't take damage if you go fast enough!

(If the Vault Hunter tries to do that and receives a nasty electric shock)

Claptrap: Whoa! That looked like it hurt. DO it again!

(After restoring the shield and trying again to run through the fence... just to get another nasty electric shock)

Claptrap: Uhhh ... maybe you're not running fast enough?

(Third attempt to run through the fence ...)

Claptrap: Ooh! I've go it! You've just gotto--

Unknown woman: --If I could, um... make a suggestion? You could shoot the fuse box to shut off the electricity then grab the capacitor.

Claptrap: Ooh! Maybe grab it with your TEETH!

Unknown woman: In general, ignore any advice Claptrap gives you.

(Vault Hunter shoots the fuse box and disabales the fence. Loud growling is heard in the background. Vault Hunter rushes over and grabs the capacitor)

Claptrap: Just plug that fuse into Brewster's powerbox and you'll be able to ride the elevator!

(Vault Hunter goes back to the old Crimson Raider safehouse and installs the capacitor into the socket)

Sir Hammerlock: Got the elevator working, have you? Great! Now, simply ascend to the safehouse and buy a shield. This used to be a sizable hub for the resistance, until everyone heard the Hyperion army approaching and fled to Sanctuary.

(Vault Hunter rides the elevator up to the top level and buys a shield at the medical vendor)

Sir Hammerlock: Well done! Now, if you could return to Liar's Berg, we could see about getting you off this frigid glacier.

(After getting back to Liar's Berg and turning in the mission to Sir Hammerlock)

Sir Hammerlock: Protection from the bullets, ho!

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