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AR490.3 Glorious Machine Gun Shock

Example of a shock elemental weapon.

Shock weapons crackle with electricity and are very effective against shields, making them useful against shielded bandits and Guardians.

Shock bullets will crack with electricity when they impact. When a shock weapon's effect triggers, high damage is dealt to the enemy's shield and they take damage over time. If an enemy dies to shock damage, his face burns away and reveals his skull and part of his brain, then his head explodes.



Shock attacks inflict 50% additional damage against all shields. Against unshielded flesh or armor, they suffer a 10% damage penalty.


  • Barrels which are blue in color contain shock and explode and release large blue electric bolts when destroyed.
  • Shock weapons are extremely effective against the Guardians found in Eridian Promontory, Larva Crab Worms and Craw Maggots.
  • If used properly, shock artifacts can be very useful on action skills such as Bloodwing, and can take down the enemy's shields so traditional weapons can take down enemy flesh.
  • This elemental effect is almost completely worthless against zombies of all sorts. In fact, Tankensteins are actually healed by electrical damage.
  • The Elemental effect also seems to stun/slow opponents as well as having a very large radius of effect, thus can be used to great effect against rakk. One shot with a high-damage weapon to the middle of the flock can take out the whole flock, even with the non-ideal element matching.
  • Roland and Lilith each have a class mod tuned to enhancing shock damage, shock elemental effect chance, and shock resistance.
  • Where fire and corrosive DoT deal medium damage over a long period of time, shock DoT tends to deal extremely high damage concentrated in a very short timespan.
  • Because shock damage is weak against unshielded enemies, and because most shields can be depleted in two or three shots, shock weapons are generally not useful against anything other than Eridians or the other very scarce bosses with powerful shields.
  • List of Unique/Legendary Shock weapons:

Borderlands 2


Normal Mode

Shock attacks inflict 100% additional damage against shields.

True Vault Hunter Mode

Shock attacks inflict 150% additional damage against shields.


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