Shotgun 1340 is a unique Hyperion shotgun and one of two potential rewards for completing the side-mission Out of Body Experience. It is obtained by giving the AI core to Marcus.

Special Weapon Effects

I like being a gun. – Unique voice module. It will speak in the voice of Loader #1340

Usage & Description

The voice module added has no usage effect on Shotgun 1340. It is simply a rare Projectile Diversification shotgun with a voice, albeit a good one.


  • The voice module triggers upon firing, reloading, swapping to Shotgun 1340, using the shotgun's scope, or killing an enemy.
  • 1340 can never spawn with an elemental effect.
  • Sometimes the special effect can randomly affect other equipped weapons, even after having been removed from the inventory.
  • Players may choose to obtain the 1340 Shield instead by turning in the AI Core to Zed.
  • The weapon may sometimes play all possible voice cues for an event simultaneously.


Using the Scope Switching Weapons Reloading Firing

"Zooooom in!"
"How about a closer look?"
"Let's see what we can see."
"I spy with my little eye"
"Crosshairs, baby!"

"Swappin' weapons?"
"Good decision!"
"Switch 'em out!"

"More ammo! Woo!"
"Why'd we stop shooting?"
"Yeah, more bullets!"


On Kill After multiple critical hits One shot kill

"Nice one!"
"Nice shot!"
"Nice one boss!"
"Suck it!"



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