(Vault Hunter accepts the mission.)

The Sheriff: You've ROBBED MY BANK, SHOT UP MY TOWN, and DESTROYED MY TRAIN! Heh. I like you. Main street. Pistols at high noon. Come alone.

(Mission objectives update: Confront the Sheriff)

(Vault Hunter heads over to the Gunslinger's Corner to confront the Sheriff.)

The Sheriff: Howdy, partner.

(Mission objectives update: Kill the Sheriff, Optional: ...with a pistol, ...and do not shoot the deputy)

(Vault Hunter fights and kills the Sheriff.)

Handsome Jack: Wait-wait, did you... actually just kill my girlfriend? That's kinda pissing me off. Hunh.

Brick: That's that, then. Come on back.

(Vault Hunter gets back to the bounty board and turns in the mission.)

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