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Shugguraths are large bulbous flying cephalopods with tentacle-like limbs that are native to Elpis, specifically to Triton Flats. They spawn in various elements and act as hives, spawning Rathyds of their same element.

Shuggurath Varieties

Shugguraths don't have an elemental prefix to their name, but their attacks are primarily corrosive in nature. They have fewer bulbous growths and are slightly smaller than other Shugguraths Their primary attack is lobbing corrosive spit at Vault Hunters, and they occasionally raise one of their tentacles to throw spines.

Badass Shuggurath
Badass Shugguraths are incendiary-based. Their attacks won't cause an incendiary damage-over-time in most areas of Triton Flats due to the location being largely in vacuum, but this is made up by their attacks being highly damaging. They have more health than other Shugguraths and have smaller critical hit locations. They are distinguishable by their red coloring, shorter tantacles and large spiky growths on the back of their body that have the vague appearance of a rudimentary crown.

Energized Shuggurath
Energized Shugguraths are shock-based Shugguraths that use highly damaging and very accurate attacks. They primarily shoot out highly accurate bolts of electricity that are almost impossible to dodge and they can also lob highly damaging shock orbs. They are distinguishable by the three tall growths on top of their bodies that meet at the top and their deep blue colouring.

Shuggurath of Ice
Shugguraths of Ice are cryo-based Shugguraths that are able to cause Vault Hunters to slow down due to their high chance to cause cyro damage-over-time. They can spin in place, spreading both a cryo mist and many cryo thorns around their immediate vicinity and they can raise their tentacles to throw out cryo thorns a greater distance. They are distinguishable by their more flipper-like tentacles, triangular bodies and their pale blue coloring.

Spectral Shuggurath
Spectral Shugguraths are extremely rare Shugguraths that frequently turn invisible to make targetting them more difficult. They are distinguishable due to their very flat and extremely large body, akin to a large jellyfish.



It is recommended to fight Shugguraths in a vehicle, as the additional firepower helps in taking down both the mother Shuggurath's and its spawned Rathyds' health. However, Shugguraths become more aggressive when attacked by a vehicle, and are more likely to use their deadlier attacks. Fighting Shugguraths on foot is possible, but their highly damaging attacks makes it significantly more difficult.


  • Each elemental variety of Shuggurath typically only appears at set points throughout Triton Flats:
    • Shugguraths and Badass Shugguraths typically appear near Burraburra and Lunar Junction.
    • Energized Shugguraths typically appear near So Much Serenity and the entrance to Crisis Scar that is manned by SC4V-TP.
    • Shugguraths of Ice typically appear near The Grabba.
    • Spectral Shugguraths typically appear near Lunar Junction.
  • The Rathyds spawned by Spectral Shugguraths are the same as the ones spawned by Shugguraths, meaning the Rathyds, unlike the mother Shuggurath, cannot turn invisible.
  • The only variety of Shuggurath to not spawn Rathyds are Energized Sugguraths.

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