The Singularity Grenade is a common Grenade Mod manufactured by Hyperion. The Singularity Grenade is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

A Singularity Grenade's detonation causes a gravitational singularity that pulls enemies in close and then explodes. It is a very effective way to deal damage in an open area where the enemies are scattered about and never group up close enough for grenades to be effective.

Singularity grenades, like rocket launchers and some other items are not available in early stages of the game.

Notable Variants

  • Quasar - Legendary shock grenade mod that causes elemental damage over time while the singularity pull is active and has a wider than usual effect radius.


  • The player is immune to the initial implosion. However, the final explosion can deal self damage as normal.
  • Although the implosion has a large radius, far-off enemies and larger enemies will not be pulled as strongly. However, even if the grenade's final explosion does not affect all enemies, its ability to briefly stagger them can be useful when in a tight situation.
  • Singularity grenades can throw someone off a cliff or chasm.

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