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A Skag Ravager is a midget that throws dynamite while riding a skag. The skag has additional makeshift armor and a pair of tusks on its head, while the rider wears a helm and throws dynamite packs at his enemies making a deadly enemy.

Skag Ravagers are powerful in packs and also while alone. They use explosives that they throw at targets from a distance, and will switch to melee attacks if they get close enough. Skag Ravagers are found in caves and in Midgetville. They can pose a real threat to poorly equipped characters.


Circle midget ravagers to avoid the large area-of-effect explosions from their thrown bundles of explosives. When approached within melee range ravagers will forgoe tossing explosives in favor of a much less damaging melee attack. Do not approach recently killed midget ravagers as the bundle of explosives in their hand will detonate a few second after death.


  • The dynamite explosion can kill other enemies.

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