Slab UHF is a challenge in Borderlands 2, in the Thousand Cuts area. To complete the challenge, adveenturers must climb to the top of the communication tower in the slab town. This challenge is worth 10 Badass Rank.


To reach the tower itself:

  1. Go to the northwest part of the map, over a bridge.
  2. Go up the stairs outside the Buzzard Factory, use rails to get to the southeastern pillar outside the building.
  3. Use the thin cable to cross from the pillar to the top of the bridge.
  4. Walk all the way across the bridge, and jump to the top of the huge rock with communication tower and a treasure chest.

The climb can be both challenging as well as frustrating because of varying height as well as beams appearing overhead. Climbing the tower itself:

  1. Behind the tower hop on vertical I-beam sticking from the ground.
  2. Jump on the higher I-beam next to previous.
  3. Jump on the flat surface next to the beams.
  4. Jumps are to be done in clockwise direction. Jump on the beam that sticks out away from the chest.
  5. Jump on two beams with the car tire on one of them.
  6. Jump to the long beam sticking out from the tower towards the chest.
  7. Jump to the nearby beam sticking in same direction. 
  8. Jumping on the next 2 beams which should position the vault Hunter behind a satellite dish.
  9. Turn right and hop gently to stand on the tiny ledge made by the I-beam sticking out.
  10. Go along the ledge around the corner to the right. Get as close to the tower as possible and look upwards along the tower. The fuse box is within a reach from this position.


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