Talk to Shep Sanders near the crossroads.



  • Meet Shep Sanders
"I think you're ready to go after Sledge now. You'll probably find him in the old Headstone Mine, but you can't just waltz in there. The place is locked down tight. If there's any way to get inside, Shep Sanders knows it. He was a foreman for Dahl until they pulled out and left him here. You'll find him near the crossroads, keeping an eye on the bandits."


This mission is given by Dr. Zed in Fyrestone. He states that Shep is a good friend of his, whose parents had been skinned and their hides made into a tent, by Sledge.

Shep is found at Outpost: Arid Hills, indicated by a mission marker and quickly reached by road. He is leaning up against a wall to the left of a vending machine. After he is spoken to, several new missions, both storyline and side mission, will be available.


"Hello, friend. The name's Shep Sanders. I oversee the operation of Zephyr Substain[sic] and Headstone Mine. Well, that's what I did before Dahl pulled out and the bandits moved in."

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