Infiltrate Old Haven and investigate the smoke signals


Mission Information

"Now that the bridges are open, we've noticed four columns of smoke rising from Old Haven. We believe these are bandit distress calls, since they don't have free access to ECHOnet. It could be a trap, but we can't risk ignoring a problem that's worse than the bandits themselves. I'm offering a reward to anyone who will scout Old Haven and find out what's going on."


The objective is to travel to Old Haven once the drawbridges straddling Rust Commons East are down. Inside the entrance are a group of dead bandits, glowing green to mark the mission objective.

The turn-in objective is completed by acknowledging the dead bandits. Players are immediately rewarded and given the next mission, Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down.


"The smoke columns were, in fact, distress calls. The Crimson Lance have routed every bandit in Old Haven, and are now using the signal to lure more bandits into their trap. Unfortunately, they make no distinction between you and the bandits!"

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