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The Snowball is a unique grenade mod manufactured by Tediore. It is one of two possible rewards for completing the optional mission Infinite Loop. CLAP-9000 will offer this weapon if DAN-TRP is disabled.

Special Weapon Effects

Fun for the whole family. – Increased damage. Always Cryo element. Zero fuse time. Modified lobbed delivery mechanism with increased projectile speed and little arc, comparable to the Fastball.

Usage & Description

Although lobbed, the Snowball is an enhanced longbow grenade and moves very quickly along an almost straight line, even over middling-to-longer distances. It still functions as a projectile and does travel a complete path, and can be intercepted by other targets or environmental obstructions which move into its way.


  • The Snowball uses the same material as a Tediore rare (blue) quality.

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