Spitter Skags are Adult Skags who developed slightly differently.

They have long spikes all along their back and are more darkly colored. While they do leap, claw, and charge like other skags, they are far more likely to stay at a distance and spit gobs of corrosive goo. This can make them a big nuisance when also dealing with their charging and leaping brethren.

They are a little less durable than adult skags, and are especially vulnerable to melee attacks. Since they are often spitting, their mouths are often open for critical hits.

In Borderlands 2 there are much more of them. They're sometimes more common than Adult Skag.


Spitter Skags are resistant to corrosive damage.

Their armored sections reduce all non-bullet and melee damage by just over two thirds.

Like all skags, their only critical hit spots are the inside of it's mouth when it roars


In Borderlands:

  • Playthrough 1: Spitter Skag
  • Playthrough 2: Hawking Skag
  • Playthrough 2.5: Sputum Skag

In Borderlands 2:


In Borderlands:

In Borderlands 2:

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