Dr. Patricia Tannis: A group of mutant test subjects escaped the Hyperion preserve. As amusing as it might be to see them attempt to reintegrate into society, they must be put down. You will need a way to lure them out. Head to Moxxi's and acquire some bait I have ordered.

(Vault Hunter heads over to Moxxi's and picks up the pizza.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: Good. The escapees, for whatever reason, find pizza irresistible. You will lure them out with this pizza, then murder them.

(Vault Hunter goes to Bloodshots Strongold and enters the rats nest.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: Keep what few wits you have about you. These mutants are not to be trifled with -- cut them no slack."

Dr. Patricia Tannis: You must communicate with the beasts through the intercom. Should your promises of food satisfy them, they will let you in."

(Vault Hunter pushes the intercom button.)

Lee: Is that marshmallows and skag urine I smell? Yummmmy! Come on in, dude!

(Vault Hunter drops down into rats lair and places pizza on the table. Lee shows up ...)

Dan: What the hell?! You're not June -- get 'em, dudes!

Dan: We gonna shred you up. (not subtitled)

(Vault Hunter kills all four rats.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: Excellent. Return to me: I have a large pile of blood money with your name on it. You might assume this to be a metaphor. You would be incorrect."

(Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: It is unfortunate the mutants could not be tamed -- they would have been useful allies."

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