Stabber Jabbers are large wasp-like creatures encountered in Gluttony Gulch area. When a venom gland is slagged before the flying insect dies, the resulting gland is said to carry a toxin deadly enough to "kill a creature the size of a planet".


In the mission, Vault Hunters must shoot three with a slagged weapon and acquire their poison filled abdomens to poison the Wattle Gobbler.



These insects fly at their targets, and if a Vault Hunter is hit, their vision will become blurred and wavy.

Like most flying enemies, Stabber Jabbers are easiest to kill with a shotgun. They come in two forms, normal and badass. In combat These Insects Fly at their targets, much like Rakk, Exept when they reach the target they stab them with their stingers. If the Vault Hunter is hit, their vision will become blurred and wavy.


  • The Stabber Jabbers are a reference to the Hunger Game's Tracker Jacker, in that both are wasps, both carry a hallucination-inducing venom, and both were involved with a tournament.

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