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Stanton's Liver is a location in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Points of Interest


Stanton's Liver splashscreen

The Duct

Below Stanton's Liver is a cesspit of broken refuse. Torks have made their home here, feeding off the waste from the local scavs.

Higgins' Gully

Hidden beyond a tunnel intersecting a rail tunnel near St. Pancreas, Higgins' Gully is an excavation site surrounding an ancient Eridian obelisk. The area is patrolled by a few Armored Outlaws, but otherwise the only thing of note is the obelisk itself. Stepping into the obelisk takes one on a brief journey through a wash of alien patterns to Piraud's Thrutch.

Piraud's Thrutch

Piraud's Thrutch is a strange place with a breathable atmosphere and normal gravitational pull under a bright orange sky. The small amphitheatre hosts another Eridian obelisk, like that in Higgins' Gully. Stepping into this transports one into a room adorned with two paintings and a chest. Another obelisk in this room acts as a portal back to St. Pancreas.

Stanton's Gate

Stanton's Gate is the entrance to Stanton's Liver. There is little of note at Stanton's Gate, save a small air habitat, but the area does offer a view down over Stanton's Liver.

Stanton's Liver

Stanton's Liver is an extensive scav base in the middle of the area, inhabited by the Booster gang.

St. Pancreas

St. Pancreas is a run down railway station. The rail is broken in one direction, and blocked in the other, so no trains ever come here. The tracks leading into the tork-infested tunnel at one end offers something of interest as it leads to Higgins' Gully, and also offers a jump pad exit from the area back to Stanton's Gate.





  • This location appears to be named after Dahl founder Stanton Dahl.
  • The large Eridian monolith, located in the dig site found in the back of the tork-infested tunnel near St. Pancreas, as well as what happens when it is touched, is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which a similar object is a significant feature of the movie.

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