(Talk to Sterwin)

Sterwin: Hah, maybe you don't remember me -- it's Sterwin! It's not too late to be a part of the solution, mate. You wanna help?

(Accept mission)

Sterwin: So, I turned me ship around. I'm now a full-on conservationist! There's heaps of things round here on the cusp of extinction -- none more so than the beautiful Ophas we got 'round here! So you gotta get your skates on, and get to work!

(Equip trap)

Sterwin: These beautiful creatures have copped a bad rap. They're not deadly predators -- they just wanna play a little is all!

(Trap and pick up first Opha)

Sterwin: Ohhh, good stuff, mate! Let's go get another one!

(Kill Opha)

Sterwin: I don't reckon you really grasped the idea here, mate.

(Engage Elder Opha)

Sterwin: Holy smokes, this is a GREAT demonstration of how dangerous they are!

(Trap and pick up Elder Opha)

Sterwin: That's bloody excellent! Let's get another one!

(Trap and pick up Virtuous Opha)

Sterwin: Oh, you're a smooth bugger, you are! We got one more to get -- an Opha Superior no less!

(Trap and pick up Opha Superior)

Sterwin: We've done a bloody good job here I reckon! We'll keep everything here. It's not as good for them as being left out in the wild, so it breaks my heart, but it's the only way to ensure this species and its subspecies survive! Thanks, mate! You must be one of the good folks!

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