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Purging Stinger
Try to resist the sting!
Manufacturer: Vladof
Type: Pistol
Model: Stinger
Element: Shock, Incendiary, Corrosive, Slag or None
Game Borderlands 2
Special Part(s): GD_Aster_RaidWeapons.Pistols.
[Stinger (Borderlands 2) Variants]

The Stinger is a Seraph pistol manufactured by Vladof. It is only available in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Stinger can only be obtained as a drop from the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

Special Weapon Effects

It's like butter, baby. – Horizontal ricochet effect; bullets can ricochet off of almost any surface and land successful shots. Very good recoil-to-fire rate ratio, slightly reduced damage of a same level Vladof pistol, increased fire rate, moderate reload speed, increased capacity, decreased weapon sway, very high recoil reduction when aiming, above average accuracy and greatly increased accuracy recovery rate.

Usage and Description

Although not a fully powerful pistol, the increase in accuracy, fire rate, recoil reduction and magazine size can fully negate the flaws of a regular Vladof pistol, most of which would include the normally high spread and low accuracy. Although the weapon has overall positive effects, the downsides are balanced, such as a decrease in damage and the consumption rate of ammo due to the impressive fire rate. It also is near ineffective at long range, which is surprising, due to the increase in recoil reduction and accuracy.

Even though it can be a useful side arm for a close-to-mid range engagement, obtaining this weapon may not be worth the additional effort farming for, especially since there're much better pistols that have their own specialty. However, this weapon is essentially Gaige's Close Enough skill manifested into a pistol, and is extremely versatile for any character, combining Vladof's high fire rate and the non-penalised ricochet effect it is recommended for enclosed areas such as buildings, making this gun a good choice for those who are unskilled.


  • Uses the same Vladof sickle skin as seen on the Patriot, a sniper rifle with the opposite effects of the Stinger (very low accuracy, increased weapon sway, increased damage, moderate fire rate and reload speed, very high recoil and very low accuracy recovery rate).

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