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Crew 1 Rider
Armaments Front: Laser
Turret: Flak cannon or cryo rocket
Game Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Appearances Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

The Stingray is a small one-man hover vehicle with a front-mounted laser and a rear turret that can be set as a flak cannon, or a cryo-rocket launcher.

The Stingray can seat one person and can then also be used by an adjacent Vault Hunter to digistruct another. Up to four Stingrays can be present at the same time.

The Stingray has a boost capability that when triggered will allow it a temporary vertical thrust to gain altitude for a few seconds. This can assist with making long jumps or lifting over low-lying obstructions. The burst is quickly depleted and cannot be triggered again until the Stingray has descended back to its normal hovering level.

Once airborne, the Stingray can also offer a rapid descent via a downward thrust in order to slam, or "pancake," any target beneath it.

See also: Stingray controls


Stingrays are said to be old technologies of the Dahl corporation, that Moxxi had tampered with to allow the hover-bike to jump in the air by using its boost. Dahl, seeing this as a welcome improvement, stole the design and never gave Moxxi credit before leaving Elpis. Janey Springs unlocks the vehicle in the Moon Zoomy when the scrambler she offers uploads the design to all stations.


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