(Accept mission)

Pickle: 'Arry, rest 'is soul, didn't manage to get my inverter before 'e shuffled off the old mortal coil. Seeing as you're there, makes sense you finish the job! Honor 'is memory, see? I'm updating your ECHO with the most likely place you need to search. Take that E-GUN thing and keep it 'andy. Off you pop!

Pickle: I sent 'Arry 'cause 'e knows his science stuff -- could spot an inverter a mile off, clever so-and-so -- so if 'e says 'is gun can take out ghosts, I believe 'im!

(Kill ghost)

E-GUN: Impressive! I actually work on those things!

(Pick up ECHO #1)

Dahl Soldier: Accident Report 16-A. We were using the cargo fast travel system to clean up a pile of tork carcasses -- bending the regs, I know -- when Schmidt slipped and fell on 'em! She screamed, disappeared, some nutty torks attacked, smashed the damn travel node to pieces... it all happened so fast! The real tragedy is now I have to finish my shift alone. Nice one, Schmidt.

Pickle: That sounds 'orrible! And sorta cool! Keep looking, there must be another clue 'ere somewhere.

(Enter vent)

E-GUN: Are you experiencing feelings of dread? I know I am.

(Pick up ECHO #2)

Dahl Soldier: Accident Report 16-A, supplemental. Sooo, yeah. Ghosts. Harper keeps whining about glowing half-women wandering around moaning. We keep getting weird power outages too, so... practical upshot, I quit. Consider this my resignation.

Pickle: Now I got a theory. Find the main fast travel control system, and then we'll be laughin'!

(Attempt to open door)

Pickle: Locked door, eh? Wait a minute. I've got some old Dahl security odes around here somewhere... Here we go! Try inputting: one, nine, eight... four --

(Reach station)

Ghost: Kill me...

Ghost: Dead but not!

Ghost: Cold, then hot, then cold...

Ghost: End this cycle...

Pickle: *static* ... You hear me?! Quick! Destroy the control panel... destroy... control panel!

(Destroy 3 control panels)

Ghost: Thaaaaank yoooooou...

Pickle: *static* I'm a flippin' genius! I reckon Schmidt was trapped between states, constantly being rebuilt by a system that didn't understand the difference between a human and a tork! That's quality software engineering for ya! Still, the important fing is -- there's my flippin' inverter! Grab it, and let's get you out of there.

(Pick up inverter)

Pickle: Time to make a sharp exit, I reckon! Makes you feel right chipper doing a good deed for the day, din't it?! Get back here with that inverter of mine and I'll pay ya. 'Course, you could use it to fix the fast travel node, but why'd you wanna do that?


(Turn in)

Pickle: Great work! Couldn't have done it without ya!


(Turn in)

Schmidt: Thank you so much! I was trapped in there! Here's something to say thank you.

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