Manufacturer: Dahl
Model: Sunshine
Game: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Mission Reward: To the Moon
[Sunshine Variants]

The Sunshine is a unique nova shield manufactured by Dahl. Sunshine is obtained from the mission To the Moon located in Lunar Launching Station.

Special Effect

Every time I shut my eyes...  – When depleted, fires incendiary projectiles in every direction. Projectiles have a high chance of igniting targets. Grants immunity to burn damage.

Usage & Description

Sunshine is effective against melee attackers, particularly unshielded ones, but has much better stats than common nova shields of the same level. It also grants immunity to burn damage.


  • Kills by the Sunshine's special effect do not advance the Nova Say Die ("Kill enemies with a Nova shield burst") challenge.


  • The flavor text references a line of dialog by Cassie from the 2007 sci-fi movie Sunshine: "Good dream? Let me guess... the surface of the Sun? Only dream I ever have. Every time I shut my eyes it's always the same."

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