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The Support Relay is a legendary Oz Kit manufactured by Hyperion. Support Relay is obtained from the mission To Arms! located in Triton Flats.

Special Effects

Multi-cored life support. – Increases O2 capacity by 25 and improves O2 consumption rate by 20% each for every equipped Support Relay in the party.


  • The Support Relay is a powerful Oz Kit early in the game providing gun damage per unit of O2 at a rate over twice its level along with a large capacity.
  • As Gun Damage per O2 does not seem to increase past 0.17% at level 50, this Oz Kit stands out early game.
  • The Support Relay becomes exceptional when the whole party has it equipped, adding 75 capacity and reducing the rate at which oxygen drains by 60% with a full party. As the maximum O2 capacity is increased, that means more percentage damage can be achieved providing 3.75% maximum gun damage for each additional party member with a support relay.


  • Aside from those within The Holodome Onslaught and Claptastic Voyage Add-Ons, the Support Relay is the only legendary item in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel given as a mission reward.
  • Although the Support Relay is a legendary, it is treated as a unique item and can only be obtained as a mission reward.

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