Scooter: Shorty must DIE! That crockblocker defaced one of my Catch-A-Rides and nobody does that 'cept ladies I wanna bang, and me sometimes, when I'm drunk! He's hidin' in stalker territory -- go get 'im!

(Vault Hunter travels to The Fridge, enters the Stalker Hollow. There he finds stalker Sinkhole which cloaks and runs away.)

Scooter: Heheh. Shorty got ate! He's still alive, though -- them stalkers got digestion tracks work slower than my brother-uncle's brain.

(Mission objective update: Free Shorty. Bonus objective: ...with a shock weapon)

(After killing number of stalkers, Vault Hunter fights and kills Sinkhole. Shorty jumps out of Sinhole's corpse.)

Shorty: I'M ALIIIVE! (Not subtitled)

(Mission objective update: Kill Shorty.)

(Vault Hunter kills Shorty.)

Shorty: Aww.

Scooter: Ha! You killed him! Ha! Funny story, I woulda had someone to do the same to you if you hadn't repaid me for that ol' Catch-A-Ride you hacked. Irony! Heh heh heh. Least, I heard that that's what it meant.

(Back at Sanctuary, Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Scooter.)

Scooter: Thanks again, man! That Catch-A-Ride hackin' you did is all in the past. I will definitely not kill you, probably.

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