The Systems Purge is a unique Oz kit manufactured by Tediore that is obtained by destroying CL4P-L3K at the conclusion of Eradicate! in the Veins of Helios.

Special weapon effects

Emergency Systems Purge in 3... 2... 1... – When your O2 is above 75, your next shot will consume 50 O2 and release a shockwave around the point of impact, knocking back enemies and dealing non-elemental damage. Restores 12 O2 upon killing an enemy.

Usage and description

In addition to its above-average stats, the Systems Purge's unique effect can be compared in many ways to an Amplify Shield, as its shockwave is centred on the chosen target and damages both the target and other nearby enemies. In addition to the damage caused, the shockwave can also be utilized as an effective method of crowd control.

Its effect uses a sizable portion of its oxygen capacity, meaning it is difficult to use the Systems Purge in a vacuum, as its oxygen recovery cannot outmatch its oxygen consumption. However, it can be used nearly indefinitely when its wearer is in an atmosphere, as all that can limit its use is the very brief depletion period before the atmosphere rapidly begins passively restocking its oxygen supply.


  • As Claptrap doesn't consume oxygen in a vacuum, he is able to utilize the System's Purge effect more easily than other Vault Hunters when not in an atmosphere.

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