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T.K's Wave is a unique shotgun manufactured by Dahl.

Examples are on the talk page.

Special Weapon Effects

Ride the Wave, Dude! – Blue projectiles, fired in a horizontal line; projectiles oscillate up and down and ricochet. Extra Critical Hit damage.

Drop Guide


Skags and other large creatures such as Scythid make great targets as their wide frame balances the largely horizontal spread of the Wave.

Bandits are more troublesome due to their largely vertical frame, and as such it is not recommended that the Wave be used on them outdoors unless there are several grouped together. Indoors, however, the Wave's ricocheting bullets will often bounce off of the wall behind the target to strike them from the rear, making tight spaces like those in Sledge's Safehouse one of the best places to make use of T.K's Wave.


The T.K's Wave effect comes from the TKsWave_barrel2 barrel. It is based on barrel2. Apart from the oscillating effect it provides a bit of extra damage, and +50% critical damage. T.K's Wave never spawns with an accessory (accnone), and is made with TKsWave_Material, a material manufactured by Dahl, of quality between Material_Dahl_1 and Material_Dahl_2. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

TKsWave_barrel2 barrel2
Accuracy Maximum: -20%
Accuracy Minimum: +20%
Damage: +30%
Spread: +20%
Recoil: +10%
Critical Damage: +0.5
Accuracy Maximum: -20%
Accuracy Minimum: +20%
Damage: +15%
Spread: +28%
Recoil: +20%
Material_Dahl_1 TKsWave_Material Material_Dahl_2
Acc. Max.: -60%
Acc. Min.: +15%
Acc. Regen Rate: -23%
Recoil: -30%
Spread: +20%
Acc. Max.: -60%
Acc. Min.: +10%
Acc. Regen Rate: -23%
Recoil: -20%
Spread: +15%
Reload Speed: -24%
Acc. Max.: -60%
Acc. Min.: +10%
Acc. Regen Rate: -23%
Recoil: -40%
Spread: +15%
Reload Speed: -24%
Damage: +5%


  • May spawn with the Dahl Bulldog magazine, giving it a base magazine size of 20.
  • It has an unusual color scheme for a Dahl weapon; the blue more closely resembles a Maliwan-brand weapon.


  • The red text, while out of character for TK Baha, may be a reference to the surfing culture of the Baja Peninsula, with which TK's last name is a homophone.
  • Bullets from the Wave can pass through some fences. This is considered to be a bug.
  • The Wave also shoots in a manner similar to the Wave Beam in the Metroid series.
  • In Borderlands 2, it is revealed in ECHO logs found in T.K's basement that Hyperion took interest in the gun's schematics and stole it for themselves before the events of Borderlands.

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