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The T4s-R is a unique pistol manufactured by Hyperion. It is a possible reward for completing Digistructed Madness: Round 1 and Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round in The Holodome Onslaught. It can also be dropped by Guardian Pondors and Lost Legion Ascended Powersuits.

Special Weapon Effects

I politely request you do not T4s-R me, good sir. – Fires lasers. High fire rate. Extremely high accuracy. Very high elemental effect chance.

Usage & Description

The T4s-R's combination of high fire rate, accuracy, and elemental damage make this a versatile weapon in nearly all situations. It is suitable to use this weapon from short to medium-long range, as it possesses a faster reload speed and reduced recoil superior to most lasers.


The name of this weapon (Leetspeak for "Tasr") and its red text is a reference to the meme don't tase me bro.


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