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They all have +200% Critical Hit Damage unless otherwise noted.

Level Model Prefix Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Magazine Notes Image
46 GGN30 Caustic 364 88.0 0.9 6 Corrosive x3, 1.0x Weapon Zoom [1]
48 GGN450 XX Fearsome 806 87.1 0.5 6 1.0x Weapon Zoom [2]
48 GGN490 XX Fearsome 883 88.0 0.4 3 2.7x Weapon Zoom, +80% Damage, Purple, Jakobs
47 DVL5 XX Fearsome 1239 87.1 0.4 6 2.7x Weapon Zoom, +97% Damage, +250% Critical Hit Damage [3]
31 GGN20 XX Solid 414 88.0 0.4 6 1.0x Zoom, +40% Damage, +250% Critical Hit Damage
67 VRR490 XX Hard 1245 87.1 0.5 3 1.0x Weapon Zoom, +70% Damage, +250% Critical Hit Damage [4]
61 GGN5 XX Rolling 1001 87.1 0.5 6 2.4x Weapon Zoom, +53% Damage, +250% Critical Hit Damage [5]
  1. GGN30 Caustic Gamble
  2. DSC00209
  3. DVL5 XX Fearsome Gamble
  4. VRR490 XX Hard Gamble 1245
  5. Fry GGN5 XX Rolling Gamble

Is it just me?

I have been experimenting with a fearsome gamble and some sniper class mods. Any mods with + focus or sniper accuracy. They dont seem to do anything. Whats the point of these mods if they dont work when it really counts.

I've tried the same thing; got the same results. Not sure if it's a glitch or what... 08:28, February 24, 2010 (UTC)NeoSuplex

Yeah, possibly it's made so that the accuracy cannot be improved to not off-set the crit damage. This way it's always a gamble.

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