Possible Origins

From various clues in the game, It may be concluded that the Guardian Angel could be either an AI created by Tannis either for company in her psychosis, or accidentally created when her computers were fried while she was trying to translate Eridian writings. Another possibility is that the Guardian Angel is a split personality of Tannis, which expressed itself through the ECHO network. Other theories postulate that the Guardian Angel is an agent of the Hyperion corporation or is actually an Eridian.

Clues that lead to this are as follow

well she knew that the destroyer was in the vault. And no human has seen the vault for a extremely long time.I dont think she is human at all. Tannis had no idea that "the destroyer" was in it. Also for you thinking "tannis pretty much invented the echo device" take note she communicated to you on the bus. You didnt have the echo device. also instead of the normal screen it shows when getting a message, its a blurry thing. This could mean very long distance calls. Which led to my idea. She possibly is an alien.

  • Tannis "practically invented" the ECHO network which The Guardian Angel relies on. (Contradiction: Yet she could converse to you on Marcus' bus, before you received the Echo Device from the Cl4P-TP. [note: She can still converse with you after the echo network is shut down suggesting she uses another means to communicate. References to her being "blind" indicate she only uses the echo network to track you])
  • Tannis called the ECHO recorder "two timing" suggesting there was another being in her encampment, even though she was the only living human there. This may simply be a symptom of Tannis's extremely loneliness, especially coupled with Tannis's implied sexual relationship with the recorder: "Some cycles I sleep with it and some cycles I make it stay outside my tent." ((*sometimes "sleeping with it" just means sleeping with it in ones bed and does not imply a sexual relationship. I believe this to be the case here and not an implied sexual relationship with the recorder.))
  • Tannis asks, "Did you get my message?" when you discover her in a cell. She also says, "They were foolish letting me keep my Communicator," meaning that her alter-ego could have sent the message from the cell. (Speculation: This could refer to a garbled message that is sent to the player after the Atlas Corporation shuts down the ECHOnet. Tannis could be attempting to contact the player to inform them of her inprisonment, but due to the shutdown the player recieves only static.)
  • The paper you get from her is written in the form of an argument with an "invisible cellmate".
    • Below someone suggests that this is one half of a dialog with the Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel could be communicating with Tannis to facilitate the player's progress. When (if) the Guardian Angel started communicating with Tannis, it might have exacerbated her psychosis. After surviving in such a hostile environment, imagine if she all of a sudden had a soothing, helpful voice start giving her really good advice in apropo of nothing after everyone around her was already dead. It makes it easier to believe the recorder is two-timing you.
  • If the Guardian Angel is an AI made by Tannis, this would explain her knowledge of the Vault. (Contradiction: In the early ECHO Journals, Tannis is extremely skeptical of the Vaults existence.) (Contradiction contradiction: Tannis has been on Pandora for several years previous to the player's arrival, which implies that by the time the player arrives Tannis has already been convinced of the Vault's existence.) (Contradiction contradiction contradiction: While the player is on Pandora Tannis announces to New Haven's residents that she has "...concluded that the Vault is more than likely genuine." which implies that she had made this breakthrough only recently, despite the timeline her journals would imply.) (Contradiction contradiction contradiction contra.. this is getting ridiculous: Tannis could have only made the announcement at that point, after reconfirming her belief in her findings. Also, with the last ECHO journal, she says how she's THEN spreading them all over Pandora)
  • In ECHO Journal entries 224 through 493 (obtained during the Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West mission), Tannis discusses translating Eridian writings, then later developing a program for translating the writings, accomplishing "far more" than she had expected herself. It was through this program's translations that Tannis came to believe in the vault. It is possible that, if the Guardian Angel is a AI existing within the ECHO network, it was created by Tannis as the translation program, or is in some way based off of this translation program. This would make the Guardian Angel AI less than a year old (in another Journal entry, Tannis mentions it being about half a year until the 200 year event of the Vault opening) but have a potential lifespan of hundreds of years. Being based off of a Eridian translation program, the AI could have insights into the Eridian writings that Tannis herself does not know about, allowing it to anticipate the coming of the Destroyer at the opening of the Vault.
  • The Guardian Angel tells you to deliver the key to Tannis to get a reward. This implies that either the Angel feels Tannis could do no harm in having the key or that the Angel has a particular bias towards Tannis.
Or that the Guardian Angel genuinely regretted the deceit (as GA says herself), and, knowing that Tannis would pay a hefty sum for the key, decided that tipping you off about this would allow some compensation for your troubles. 10:16, April 11, 2010 (UTC)Anon.
  • When returning one of the Vault keys to Tannis, the Guardian Angel says in a transmission, "Congratulations! You got another piece of the key without my help! ...Or did you? (followed by gentle laughter,)" and Tannis gave you the info and helped you find it.
  • Another possible, and similar theory is that the Guardian Angel was not created by Tannis, but was communicating with her just the same as with the player character and also using Tannis's computer. A comment made after defeating Krom and collecting the Vault Key Fragment in his possession suggests that the Guardian Angel had a hand in leading you to the key, despite never talking to you. Another factor that can also be explained by this, is that Tannis was able to send out a message that, despite being impossible to understand, did reach the player characters Echo Communicator, suggesting that Tannis's communicator was still fully functional, and thus, could be used by the Guardian Angel as her eyes, leading to the argument between Tannis and potentially the Angel, that Tannis wrote in her cell about reactivating the EchoNet. The Angel's ability to hear what is spoken by others is questionable at best, but as she can use the communicators as her eyes, it is very possible that the argument on the napkin was Tannis' method of replying to the Angel.
  • It is also possible that the Hyperion corporation, being the closest direct competitor to Atlas, used their extensive spy and espionage network to find out what Atlas, Tannis, and the player were up to, and work to prevent it. The Guardian Angel may be an agent or AI used by Hyperion to prevent the release of the Destroyer, or to somehow further Hyperion's own ends.
  • An alternate theory is that the Eridians were a cybernetic race (which isn't improbable, given the sophistication of their technology and that all their weapons are electricly based and have names written in binary) and the Guardian Angel is, in fact, a surviving member of the Eridian race, tasked with keeping the Destroyer trapped in the Vault. Being a cybernetic being, the Guardian Angel would be able to interface with the Hyperion spy satellite and link into the ECHO network to watch and communicate with the player.If my lemon of a memory isn't breaking down on me again, I believe the Guardian Angel says there won't be another chance to open the vault in "THIS" lifetime, rather than "OUR" lifetime. Someone should pay attention on their next character and find out! =D --Aelwrath45 06:12, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Then she say "Faster! You wont be able to open the vault in your lifetime!" Gonna record it next time I go kill it.--Rubyus 05:06, October 31, 2009 (UTC)


Aelwrath you are correct. The Angel sends two transmissions, the first saying "in this lifetime" the second saying "in your lifetime". Any player can replay these transmissions by accessing their ECHO logs from inside the game. The first transmission is called "No Time Left" the second is called "Last Few Grains of Sand". --Braleth 17:12, October 31, 2009 (UTC)


Trying to squeeze this in somewhere: After you reactivate the ECHO network, the Angel says "I can see everything again!", leading us to further believe she is an AI existing within the ECHO network. Fenrakk Sig 18:37, March 13, 2010 (UTC)


After reactivating the ECHO network, the Angel says: "I don't know how you did it, but...". Which doesn't point out she is an AI being, but that she relies primarily on the ECHO network. The Hyperion Satellite looks like an old fashoned camera (example: which might indicate video imaging of the surface of the planet. Bart van der Vliet 19:56, September 22, 2010 (UTC)


One can also speculate that, the Hyperion Corporation, was founded by a remnant of the Eridians. This is Highly unlikely but it is a possibility as the Guardian Angel could be in the Hyperion Satillite shown in the final scene. The Guardian Angel could be an AI in said Satillite that was put in place to guide someone to the vault when it was time to open it.~~Lupus~~


these are good ideas, but Tannis was originally sponsored by Dahl, so it would make sense if she used their tech, not Hyperion's (who, on a side note, also has their logo on the new-u's and catch-a-ride's) to make an AI.


but the angel uses the ECHO network to fully communicate, which is given to you "free of charge by the Dahl corporation." by clappy. 10:17, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

Angel & Clappy

I don't think that she hacked the CL4P-TP. Why would have she? -Supakillaii 20:46, November 1, 2009 (UTC)

Hard to say. To be honest, the video doesn't even strongly imply that she did, but it is still intelligent speculation, and is clearly clarified as such. --Aelwrath45 17:53, November 4, 2009 (UTC)

Would you kindly?

Although it's most certainly a bioshock reference, should we really be putting a spoiler for a completely different game here? --DragonJTSLeave me a message 05:26, November 16, 2009 (UTC)

I'm going to have to go with Dragon on this one. CinnamonPheonix 14:23, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

I don't believe it is... some games are going to have the same dialog as another, simple as that. You shouldn't just assume something is a reference becuase its says the same thing in another game, theres no reason or fact to support that this is a reference to Bioshock. Until you can show me proof that its a direct reference, its just a coincidence. 04:07, April 7, 2010 (UTC)JeffL

I'm not going to lie, but the fact that it is featured as a prominent element of the story of another game is reason enough. How about all the other references contained within red weapon text and various visual elements? The fact that so many more references exist throughout the games clearly shows that they had some kind of intention within the line leaning more towards a reference. I think it's more than coincidence, if you ask me. 01:21, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

i dont think that it is a bioshock reference because the vault hunters wanted to find the vault on there own and GA may just be helping them out.

With the massive number of references and in-jokes in this game, it is incredibly unlikely that "Would you kindly," is NOT a reference to Bioshock, another FPS with RPG elements (albeit far less than Borderlands.) However, it is likely just that and no more; a reference. I sincerely doubt that Borderlands would have the same impetus behind this message as Bioshock did; for one, it would be in poor taste to so blatantly copy, and two, [SPOILER!] Borderlands never gives the idea that the player is controlled in any way by the Guardian Angel (unlike Bioshock,) although a way to work counter to her (its) purposes would make for a more interesting narrative. It could have been very intereting, were this game to branch out, letting you take sides with different corporations. However, that is a line of thought outside the scope of this page. Japhasca 08:46, April 26, 2012 (UTC)Japhasca

They're hardly copying, they'd be copying themselves. 16:00, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

Nice Catch

Kudos to whoever caught the 4N631 serial number as a 1337speak. TheParagon 23:54, November 17, 2009 (UTC)


Could it be possible that the Guardian Angel is an Eridian AI? Just saying. Nelo Angelo 97 19:09, November 25, 2009 (UTC)

I'm gonna have to agree with the speculation that she is an Eridian AI. Seems entirely reasonable.Matthew21210 22:00, November 28, 2009 (UTC)

I think an important bit of information is knowing when the satellite was put into orbit, and for how long. We also need to know if there's a link between the Dahl and Hyperion corporations. Don't forget that Patricia Tannis is/was a Dahl employee, while the satellite is Hyperion. A lot of people are claiming there's a link between Tannis and the Angel, but that may not be true due to this separation.
It is doubtful that the current Angel is of Eridian design. If she was, then the Eridian wouldn't fight you, and she would warn you about the Eridian. Instead, it's a massive clusterfooey at the end that you have to fight through.
Regarding above post: That is a reasonable point, but remember that the Guardians you fight are not actually eridians, but protectors of the vault (and presumably artifacts, based on the early mission where you fight them) placed by the eridians. It is entirely possible that they are programmed to fight anything that comes their way. However, if the Guardian Angel is an eridian or eridian AI, it seems likely that she/it would have some control over them. Japhasca 08:45, April 26, 2012
She didn't nescessary need to warn you about everything you will face (she even keeps a mistery in the air about the Rakk Hive). > M1thr4nd1r <
I feel that the Angel is a Hyperion AI. No corruption, no special sentience. It can clearly piggyback onto the ECHO network and gain vast amounts of information that way, but there is things she knows that no one else does. She knows what's in the Vault, but Tannis doesn't, so all her info didn't come from spying on Tannis. This means that her information either came from deciphering Eridian writing, or there is someone else who knows the real truth, and this leads up to my next speculation.
Another question comes up... does Hyperion know what's in the vault? I am leaning towards "Yes," and here is my reasoning:
If Hyperion didn't knew that the Vault was real, and that what was inside was dangerous, they'd probably end up shutting down the satellite. They have no presence on Pandora, other than selling guns, so chances are they wouldn't bother with putting anything/anyone on a planet that has nothing useful on it. (Or perhaps they're keeping it up as an eye-in-the-sky juuuuust in case.)
On the other hand, let's say Hyperion did know that the Vault was real, and that the Destroyer was inside. We know that the corporations aren't very high in morals. This is all speculation, but I believe they wouldn't reveal this information to the universe so that the other companies continue to waste time and resources in opening the Pandora vault. And each time, all of the interlopers end up being killed off by bandits, Eridian, treasure hunters, and the Destroyer. The Destroyer is eventually fought off, the vault closes, and the secret remains a secret. More people show up to hunt for the vault to get a reward that doesn't exist, and Hyperion continues to search for other Vaults that may ACTUALLY have technology inside. (They keep the satellite up to ensure that the Destroyer is actually fought off each time to keep the secret, too).
It's a bloody cycle at the expense of human life, just to squander rival corporation resources on a useless planet. ~ ~ ~ ~ Kleptomaniac666
Well, even if Hyperion has no presence on Pandora and shut down the satellite, most theories point at the Angel being an AI of some origin. When satellites are decommissioned, they aren't deorbited. Suppose the Angel just got it back online and assumed control. Hyperion has no presence on Pandora that we know of, so they probably wouldn't notice that their satellite got hijacked and if they did, they probably wouldn't care. Just because they satellite says Hyperion doesn't necessarily imply that they have anything to do with what it's doing now, especially given the general exodus of corporate interest. Greatak 07:43, February 15, 2010 (UTC)
You've forgotten that the satellite says 4N631 on it, which means that Hyperion put that there. Then again, it could be that the Guardian Angel has derived its name from the 13375P33K on the satellite... 10:13, April 11, 2010 (UTC)Anon.

Not to mention perpetuating the fighting of the Destroyer and seeking after the vault would increase the sales of guns. ZoeyMithra 07:59, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

I was just looking at her, and if you look she seems pretty inhuman (deathly white skin, fully blue eyes with the pupil swallowing the entire eye) and also, I am pretty sure she might have something on her eye, like a inscription.

I think y'all are being too generous about GA's motives.

It was mentioned in the game that Atlas got a big technological windfall from a discovery of alien equipment. The way that the closing scene shows the guardian angel as a pale reflection in a satellite with "HYPERION" blazoned across the side suggests that the whole thing was an act of corporate sabotage-- that Hyperion was just trying to confound Atla's discovery. All the talk about heroes and angels could be window dressing to get the player character to cooperate.

Where the Destroyer fits in is open for discussion, but the game is pretty cynical about the in-game corporations. I don't think the game meant to pose one corporation as the salvation of humanity.

Also, the closing track: "There ain't no heaven" suggests something more cynical is going on, as well.

I definitely agree, she may just be egging you on to find the Vault and open it so that Hyperion can get to the Vault first.
I respectfully disagree. The GA seems to have knowledge of the Destroyer prior to the vault being opened and therefore if the GA were part of corporate sabotage, then there must exist a motive for Hyperion to kill the Destroyer. Also, since the vault immediately closed after killing the Destroyer, it is clear the nobody received alien technology from the vault's contents -- not even Atlas. In fact, I don't think Atlas is ever formally confirmed as having received alien tech from a Vault... as I recall, it was all speculation. As for the ending theme, I think it's a reference to the fact that all the hopes and dreams of the vault's contents -- heaven as it were -- turns out to be nothing but a fabrication. In the end, I feel the most logical explanation is that the GA was created by the Eridians for the sole purpose of ensuring that the Destroyer remains imprisoned.
Just as a quick note, i think the "There ain't no heaven" track has to do with the guardian reference to angels and archangels, with the vault being heaven, but the vault is full of a big monster instead of treasure. Meaning that "heaven" was full of nothing glorious like weapons, women, etc. So "There ain't no heaven" means what seemed amazing was actually worthless68.12.43.207 03:05, March 5, 2010 (UTC)

The Static

Everytime she (it?) contacts the player you receive the image her in staticky and flickery picture. This could support the fact that she is being transmitted through somekind of a network (like ECHO) or the satellite.

Well, as has been suggested before, she could be using a more crude method of interface. And that the image isn't necessarily her, but just the brain trying to put a source to the voice. The brain making stuff up of that magnitude probably isn't going to be crystal clear. Greatak 07:46, February 15, 2010 (UTC)
something to add to all that is that it has been shown that humans can recieve messages throught their jawbones.... what if the GA has said freq and is transmitting through that? possible, and not completely inprobable. ~Crazyross


Anyone other than me think the satelite looks a little like a CL4P-TP or Claptrap? Casperk18:55, December 13, 2009 (UTC) It did look like one from the front.-Razuk

Both the Claptraps and the Satellite are manufactured by Hyperion I think. 17:27, August 20, 2012 (UTC)Yossarian

if no echo, then how?

It could be surmised that angel can use the satellite to directly communicate with the player; however, because the satellite is not in geosynchronous orbit angel cannot always see you by those means. This means that the echo system would be a secondary means of communication, the deactivation of which would give angle less detailed info and periodic loss of communication.

Hyperion could not do it. Pandora has been a known world for a few years. Here is my new theory, based on what I read in Tannis's cell near the bottom, use a scoped weapon. Tannis is clearly writing to the guardian angel. The writing states that the "guardian angel" lives in a circular existence. Here is my theory. The angel is actually an AI or person made AI (possibly Tannis or a surdendand/or daughter of hers), from a future in which the destroyer escapes. the angel, in order to make sure that the destroyer does not escape, continually sends it's self back in time untill a suitable timeline is created, thus creating a "circular existence"

Just a thought, but living a "circular existence" could be a very simple reference to the satellite's orbit, presuming of course that the Angel 'resides' within it or at least that Tannis believes she does. Zaya'Kol nar Sienna 07:15, March 22, 2010 (UTC)
Fixed indent. -- WarBlade 08:12, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

Personally i feel the "cicular existance is a simple reference to the 2nd and 3rd playthroughs that allow you to collect the key, read her message and kill the destroyer over an over again.simple refrence to consecutive plays of the game_johnbain

There is evidence in game that would suggest GA is a really clever Eridian hack

One theory I haven't seen discussed is the idea that the Guardian Angel is a piece of software embedded in the runes all over Eridian ruins. During the second journal collection mission in Rust Commons West, Tannis talks about how she has a translation AI that manages to successfully decode Eridian writing. During the decoding process, it also causes physical damage to the computing equipment upon which it runs. This could be just saying that the translation process is really intensive, or it might be that the Eridian writings contain the encoding for an artificial intelligence which hijacks Tannis' equipment. This event occurs a long time before the player's character arrives on Pandora, so in the intervening time this AI agent could hijack Tannis' equipment, communicate with her, and eventually get itself onto a Hyperion satellite to do its job of keeping The Destroyer locked up in the Vault using the player as a proxy.--Swanage 18:20, December 28, 2009 (UTC)

If it were an eridian A.I. Maybe it would communicate with a player in a way that spared more eridians. seeing as we tend too pick these off first rather than lance soldiers.

If she only exist after Tannis, she couldn't guide anyone (before you) to stop the Destroyer from leaving the vault (taking in consideration the 200 years cycle), therefore Pandora should be destroyed already. - M1thr4nd1r 22:01, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

The Vault is able to be opened every 200 years. It just doesn't poof and open. People need the key to open the vault after the 200 year period. As demonstrated by the game once the 200 years are over, some one can collect the key and open the vault. —Anonymous

Just wanted to say, have you seen Pandora recently, it's bad, if I ever saw a destroyed world I think it would look very simular, destruction doesn't have to mean the planet blows up. And one more thing the the "vault" is not neccisarily the direct eridian translation, my thought is that the so called "vault" could in fact be a prison or even a sort of hi tech den where the destroyer goes to hibernate after stripping the planet dry. Just thought I'd add my two cent's worth. Random non user.

The Guardians are never reffered to as Eridians, so they might as well be expendable from the GA's point of view. One that cannot best the guardians might as well not come by. Plus, Angel had to keep deceiving the player, making him go for the vault... -- Zethariel

I agree with Zethariel the GA probably saw the guardians as pawns or a test 2 see if the "Hero" could defeat the destroyer and if they were eradians might as well use there own tech against the player id be alot better than there methods of attackGhost X14 02:16, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

About some of the Tannis - GA 'evidence'

There're a few lines in this section which don't make sense. I didn't wanna just delete them before seeing what other people thought.

"Tannis called the ECHO recorder "two timing" suggesting there was another being in her encampment, even though she was the only living human there. "

There's nothing strange about this. Tannis says herself she was going a bit crazy and developed a relationship with the recorder. She develops a psychosis from being all alone in her campsite for so long. This also explains the following:

"The paper you get from her is written in the form of an argument with an "invisible cellmate". "

She just has a sort of split-personality disorder from being alone. Not evidence that these behaviours are a link to the GA.

               Although your theories are logical, especially for real world, its also possible that the other theories suggested are true. Such as the argument on the paper could be her means of communicating to the GA since it may be impossible to talk to the GA but she can still see and talk to you, thus making writing on a paper the only way to communicate. Playn 07:09, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

I also have a statement about this, the garbled mission is from Tannis, right. Well if it is that messed up then how do we know that she can recieve a message of better caliber from GA. It would be so garbled she wouldn't understand it.

"Personal Contact"

It is possible that she had transmitted her message to everyone on the bus, and they all heard and saw it. However, only the character the player chose actually decided to respond to it. The Flying Fenrakk 00:16, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

Since the intro's and enviroment (for general madroxx) always shows more than one vault hunter (probably the four of them) I find that theory hard to believe :P M1thr4nd1r 22:45, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

The intro and later DLC implies that all four of them got the transmission, its only for simplicitys sake (no annoying AI team mates) that only one of them are running around if you play single player. 03:13, July 17, 2012 (UTC)

Tannis did not create the Guardian Angel.

It's simple, really. In the opening cutscene on the bus, Marcus tells about how his father always talked of the Vault, leading to the Vault Hunters embarking on Pandora. However, before he gets to the Vault Hunters at all, he mentions the Guardian Angel. Thus, she was around, in all likelihood, before Tannis. Let me know if I missed something, but this seems pretty cut and dry to me. -- Claptrap 23:03, January 17, 2010 (UTC)

  • With respect, I've heard of and talked about guardian angels in my life before I played this game; it's a pretty popular concept. Just because an enigmatic HUD-lady adopts the moniker doesn't really provide any good evidence that they've always been the same thing. After all, he doesn't mention getting ECHOnet messages from her.
  • the angel may in fact be a plot devise used by markus, remember you are playing the story he tells to the player of the game_johnbain
    • in my opinion, this needs to be brought up more often. since the game itself is just a narrative told to a child, it's highly possible parts of it were completely made up. in fact, looking at it from this perspective, there's a good possibility there was no "guardian angel" and the vault hunters happened to arrive in the nick of time. also, marcus might have wanted a more entertaining climax to the story and messed with the pacing and events a bit. a game about a story about fictional events, that's kind of meta right there. Texhn 22:24, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

It seems most likely that Hyperion created the Guardian Angel

I just inferred this from looking at the satellite in the end cutscene. As someone else pointed out, the satellite says "4N631", or "Angel" in 1337 speak. While that could potentially be argued as a simple coincidence on Hyperion's part, one must also remember the Vault symbol is on the satellite as well, with "wings" on it. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the Angel was an Eridian or something that "took over" the satellite - she was probably created by Hyperion. -- Claptrap 18:14, January 18, 2010 (UTC)

Unless the similarity in the symbols on the Vault and the satellite are just Hyperion branding. We never do see the actual interior of the vault and so can't have any conclusive evidence that the symbols on the Vault are Eridian in origin. Maybe Hyperion was just trying to lay claim to the find in a time when there was more direct corporate interest on Pandora. The satellite could have been assigned to the same project and branded similarly. It's not the Hyperion logo, but maybe they sub-contracted the affair or used a subsidiary for it. Greatak 07:55, February 15, 2010 (UTC)
The Vault isnt actualy a "vault" you know. The Vault doesnt have an "interrior". The Vault is a form of "white space" or "pocket dimension" adjacent to the current time-space your in, and the actual Vault "door" acts as a triger between the time-space you PC is in and the one the Destroyer is in. Kinda like Hell Boy and the Chaos Gods' summing at the start of the movie.

Hyperion subterfuge and motivation.

Think on this; Hyperion makes the Clap traps, and recall the bill board logo on the Hyperion Billboards. "We make your life. Period." With a picture of the Claptrap/sattilite lense. They are referencing the New-U/echo network. Seems like Hyperion as their fingers in a lot of pies, and seems to have *all* the tech that is worth anything.

I think the GA being is/was made by Hyperion to protect/defend/keep the vault closed. I think Hyperion originally found the opened the vault/gate, and got the tech for the Echo, New-U and all that other super stuff out of it. Then to protect their find they used the tech to bio/god-engineer the Destroyer as a guard, put it in the vault, and closed it up again. They know it opens every 200 years, so they put a lesser god into it so people will have to fight it close the vault up again. Meanwhile they cast themselves as good guys the whole time. By the way, the 200 years thing sounds like a planet alignment kind of thing. What was the Pandora orbit? Maybe the interplanetary gate only works when certain stuff is lined up....

Another thought. The Destroyer looks almost exactly like the "alien" from the Watchmen graphic novel. Down to the tentacles, jagged mouth, and single eye above the mouth. Seriously, look at it . Also (spoiler for a 20 year old novel, like yall haven't read it anyways) the alien was man made, lending more credence to this theory that it was made by Hyperion to guard their find. This seems to be the most likely theory, the only problem I can see is that if the GA is Hyperion and so is the Destroyer, then why would the GA want the vault hunters to kill it... Any thoughts? 05:45, December 23, 2011 (UTC) Some Guy

You never actually get to see the vault. Why would Eridians have a god in a vault/gate? They hardly seem that clumsy. I think the vault contains Eridian stuff or a gateway to Eridian planets etc. They obviously have teleport/new U kind of tech. I think the vault/gate used to be a big path to an Eridian Planet/plane, and Hyperion found it, pillaged it, and setup a false quest to steer off would be vault/tech hunters and corporations. What better way to protect their tech advantage than to guard the source with some big horrible monster, and then go through a little song and dance about how they will help to protect against it. The Hyperion AI (the GA) sleezes you into fighting the destroyer. The whole thing is a con job by Hyperion to cover their tech tracks.

Recall that the GA takes a certain satisfaction that Commander Steele and the Lance are going to get a "big" surprise when they open the Vault. The GA knows that Steele isn't up to the task of defeating the Destroyer, and is looking to have the rival company force be defeated. If the GA did have pure motivation, it would go after the most powerful company and let them know what was in the vault and how to defeat it. Instead there is an elaborate shell game going on which includes setting up Steele and the Lance to get smoked by the Destroyer, and perpetuating a myth about a god in the vault. Who better to spread a big lie than some guilible vault hunters that are easily lead around by money and guns.

also the GA could have convinced tannis to set you after baron flint so steel could steal the vault key pieces and the because of that getting steel killed damaging atlas.

You might ask; Why doesn't Hyperion just guard the vault/gate with a planetary force? Because a planetary for could be taken, or tricked. Whereas having a big fake lie in place with a giant monster as lie bait is much more convincing. If Hyperion had a force on Pandora, people would know to go there. ZoeyMithra 08:34, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

there is also the possibility that Hyperion dicovered the vault and the tech and a dormant gaurd(the destroyer)left by the eridians or some other force of unknown origin, but upon entering the vault or some other stimulus the destroyer woke up and(only speculation)hyperion may have set up some kind of device that made it only open every few hundred years before leaving(after seeing the destroyer i dont blame them!)and letting another company take the world.possibly the satalite was made by hyperion to regulate the 200 years opening thing_johnbain

My thoughts...

the guardian angel is perhaps the only/first friendly face you will meet during the game. But there is another one who is always loyal to you. always communicating. Of a robotic origin. Could it be possible that the guardian angel is really the first claptrap? She tells you to listen to everything it says, It could only communicate with you using ECHOnet and like i said, they are pretty much the only 2 friendly faces. Those who will argue about the bus at the start of the game, any character on that bus (albeit marcus kincaid) is playable, it is very reasonable to believe she wanted you to think YOU were the only one being spoken to. Also the player will npt hear from angel after cl4p tp goes haywire (into an intergalactic bounty hunter). I would like to hear what you think Grand theft automobile 14:45, January 24, 2010 (UTC)

I don't think so. It could be that the Guardian Angel's only goal is the destruction of the Destroyer, and after she has achieved that goal she has no interest in talking to the player. 23:36, April 23, 2011 (UTC) Random user

more thoughts...

If my previous post proves insuccesful, i thought about this. Could the guardian angel be an eridian failsafe, put in to stop the destroyer getting out, but since the destroyer somehow weakened the failsafe (after the player got off the bus) it needed the ECHOnet, to be able to communicate with the player again. If this is true, could the player be possibly the last descendant of the eridian race? Seems plausible to me, but i wanna know what you think. Grand theft automobile 14:56, January 24, 2010 (UTC)

i agree with you that its possible<but what about the four characters? are they all descendants?i play co op and this makes this theory less possible, but of course you only play 1 character by yourself wich means your theory only applies to the character you play and it changes as you play different characters.the game works better with one player so maybe thats how youy are supposed to play it, allancestors leading to your character._johnbain

if the guardian angel is supposed to stop the destroyer from getting out, why would she lead the player(s) to the vault? and is is extremly unlikley that the character is of eridan decent, because they are obviously humans and why would there be some that evolved into humans and some that stayed the same? and besides they aren't acctually from pandora, TK baha proves this when he says "you smell like off-worlder" 21:34, January 30, 2012 (UTC)popqguy

check this out!

here is a interview with the Guardian Angel from Borderlands!

== The GA and seeing you.... ==

Don't know if this was mentioned or not but.. has any one thought about there being a GPS system in the ECHO device. I know she seen you before you got off the bus, but there could have been a device on the bus it's self.

just a thought

Scott. March 1st 2010

couldn't the GA have axcess to multiple other satelites and thus be able to see everywhere on the planet throw th echo network

couldn't the GA have axcess to multiple other satelites and thus be able to see everywhere on the planet throw th echo network

The Angel, Hyperion, CL4P-TP and the Vault. A conspiracy theory. ;)

I've been looking a lot at all evidence here, as well as in game stuff and conclusions that could/would/might be drawn from all of this. In conclusion, I have a few theories to throw out to see if they stick to any saluting flagpoles, or whatever the bloody metaphor is.

Bear with me here a mo. So the Eridian race are an ancient and incredibly advanced race which now are extinct, only leaving relics and guardians behind. They discovered, or created, the Destroyer/ the Vault with the Destroyer in and made a system whereby it would be locked away, though it could be opened every 200 years. They then presumably scattered the Vault Key pieces, which judging by the supposed age of the Eridian race, and the length of time between each opening of the Vault, it suggests that the Vault could have been opened a number of times after the Eridians had died out, but before the events of the game. The fact that all the pieces are found in the possession of people who aren't exactly your average archaeologist, suggests that they may have been discovered from their hiding places before, then not as well hidden, found and stolen. Add this to the lack of anyone saying how old these corporations are, combined with what has already been discussed leads me to this conclusion:

The Hyperion corporation found and opened the Vault before, found the Destroyer, defeated it, closed the Vault up and tried to hush the business up. Not entirely successfully, since rumours are rumours, and they do fly, and morph to what people would like to be true. To ensure they'd have some form of defence, the 4N631 satellites were put in place with the Guardian Angel AI programme. Since it is Hyperion which has the NewU stations, planetary teleporting network and the vehicle teleporters spawning vehicles, it's quite clear that of all the corporations, Hyperion is by far the most advanced, and transmitting messages into the minds of people would be no trouble, when moving their entire person from one location to another, or recreating them from nothing, is relatively easy. So having this incredibly advanced technology, they decide, for whatever reason, that they'll use a guiding Guardian Angel to keep the vault safe, even from the might of Atlas Corporation, showing they have as it were secretive power, preferring rogue agents to outright armies and conflict.

Also, the CL4P-TP's, or at least some of them, do have the same markings as the Hyperion Angel satellite, and the eyepiece is very simmilar to the eyepiece thing on the satellite. The two being Hyperion AI technologies would neatly equate, especially with the "Oh, that poor little robot!" "Would you be so kind" and all. She cares for them. She knows of them quite clearly, so maybe they are also Hyperion. If the ninja assassin business is to be taken seriously, maybe they are a last measure. Admittedly, the Angel could get communication to you if not from the satelite directly, bounced from one claptrap to another, so that her messages get through to you no matter what, whereas she is able to "see" you through the ECHO device, provided free of charge from the Dahl corporation, and given to you by a Claptrap. If the ECHOnet goes down and she's not in range, she could use her own methods of communicating to reach your rough location last "seen" before the shutdown, but afterwards she'd be transmitting blind, so wouldn't bother.

These are of course all merely ideas that have occured, and they may be entirely wrong. Please feel free to discuss to your heart's content. I just hope there's a sequel taking us to a different world in the Galaxy this is set in.

i agree wholeheartedly with your ideas and a sequel would be nice, maybe with another vault that actualy has guns and women and wealth in... but that wouldent be as fun!_johnbain


Think about it, its the future there. we couldn't even know what there technology could do, —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

Radar: this is my personal opinion based solely on pessimism. It's coincidence, I think the game developers made this game with the intent of selling it, the fact that a monster is in the vault is just a way of making the ending "climatic" and the fact that the satellite was Hyperion is just another thing the Hyperion owns on Pandora, since they already own the New-U station as well. I don't think that the game developers made this Huge Interesting Sub-Plot just to leave it totally unexplained and then have tons of people on a forum discuss what it could possibly be. Don't get me wrong I have a few personal theories of my own should there be such a thing as a 'correct answer', but that does not sell games, which is their goal. I can even support this by adding in the third DLC, The Secret Armory, the story goes a little wacky stating that Scooter is the son of Mad Moxxi, and that he had killed lucky for screwing up his mom's girl parts. That whole sub-plot is sort of out of wack because you can meet lucky at his station after you hear him say he's dead. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)
The fact that Lucky is alive is because the DLC can't change the original. (For example, T.K. Baha can be dead and/or alive in his house outside Fyrestone while being a zombie on the zombie island. This is (probably) so that people with the DLC(s) will be compatible with players without them. Not sure if they are though, since I haven't tried it in multiplayer with people without the DLCs. Anyways, the DLCs are modules, so they don't change things outside their scope. 09:12, March 31, 2010 (UTC)

iwould like to add that there may be a huge epic storyline that is yet to be discovered in sequels of the game and this is just a taster of the whole picture, may just be coincidence and i have wasted many neurons on fruitless thoughts and pointless ideas when i could in fact be leveling my roland character right now,i hope its not coincidence :(_johnbain

If you look at the game infomation page it says borderlands is the first in a planned franchise. A sequal is on the books and the truth of the GA will probably be the bait for all gamers who completed the first game. They may stretch it out but I think they will reveal the truth about the GA. I think the GA is probably of eridian origen but may be piggybacking on the satellite probably with Hyperions help. It probably traded Eridian tech for their cooperation. (Non-user adding my thoughts)

My two cents.

By looking through various sources we can find out that a group of scientists had discovered the vault nearly 200 years ago. This may imply that they were killed by the 'defensive force' The Destroyer. However, it's my speculation that the scientists were from the Hyperion Corporation, and that they were able to not only find the vault as the rumor says, but also figure out what was in it. It would then be the Guardians that whiped out the scientists leaving them only enough time to send the final message of their discovery (if it had been The Destroyer, then it would either still be on the loose -- destroying the universe, or would have been defeated and no longer exist for you to kill later). This theory would mean that the Hyperion Corporation would have the most candid information on The Vault and after realizing it doesn't hold what they had hoped, would leave the planet (other corporations seeing this may have picked up on the fact that Hyperion knew there was nothing there and pulled out as well). Hyperion would have left at least some safety measure behind though, as the Universe would be destroyed if The Destroyer got out, which would obviously mean a bad quarter for Hyperion. The Guardian Angel could very well be the Hyperion safeguard to make sure that if The Vault were to be opened, that it would be done in the presence of someone capable of vanquishing The Destroyer. It's hinted that the Angel has been around longer than Tannis as Marcus mentions his father telling the story often. But it's also known that the legend of The Vault on Pandora only began 200 years ago when the scientists were killed, sending one last transmition of its existance but not of its location. Ultimately it makes the most (not absolute) sense for the Angel to be a construct of the Hyperion Corporation.

Note:you may not actualy kill the destroyer only weaken it enough that it cant support itself outside the vault meaning that it could have been defeated before you defeat it_johnbain

Notes from Main page

Speculation archived from main page. Speculation should really be here in Talk or on another 'speculation about GA's origins' page, not on GA's main page. 16:20, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

-Question: Why would the above be true? How could she see/talk to you before you are handed the ECHO from Clap Trap?

-Response: The above is true because it happens in the game after you choose a class. Before you get off the bus the Guardian Angel tells you "You wont understand why but I want you to do everything he (Claptrap) says. (which is strange because none of the players should be able to see or hear the "Angel" without use of an communicator etc as when Atlas shut down all the Echo communications she claimed she couldn't "see" the player anymore and presumably lost contact. This means that perhaps the "Angel" can affect organic matter, transmit light and/or sound energy very precisely, or perhaps the player already had some sort of device implanted into their body beforehand they were "Chosen" after all.)

-Note: The Angel may be able to communicate through the Echo recorders at a distance. At the time of the initial communication The Player(s) are within 30 ft. of one.

This could be argued as false however, considering that the angel tells the character in question to not let on that he is being talked to, implying that only he/she could hear her, so without an Echo recorder, she must of made some other kind of connection, psychic etc.

--Response-to-the-Responses: If the ECHOs are her eyes, she would be able to see you on the bus if the driver had a bus-mounted ECHO device. This seems plausible, similar to a radio used for communication on a modern bus or truck. I'll have to keep an eye out for it on my next playthrough. This still doesn't explain how she is able to communicate with you personally. The fact that she uses a distinct, moving, visual feed suggests that this is not occurring over the ECHO network.

One theory is a combination of both direct and echo based communication. It could be surmised that angel can use the satellite to directly communicate with the player; however, because the satellite is not in geosynchronous orbit angel cannot always see you by those means. This means that the echo system would be a secondary means of communication, the deactivation of which would give angle less detailed info and periodic loss of communication.

--Response-to-General-Theory: The Guardian Angel never states that she would be unable to communicate with you without the ECHO network, just that she would be unable to "see" you. This leads me to speculate that while she uses the spy satellite (which assumably operates on the ECHO network) to maintain visual contact on you, her ability to communicate is independent of the network (remember that whenever she speaks with you, it is done through a unique interface, not the standard ECHO message dialogue box). This ties into the above theory that the Guardian Angel is an Eridian and has access to abilities beyond human understanding.

--Speculation: It could be that The Hyperion company could be a remnant of the Eridian civilization. And that they programmed that Satellite to be a watch dog for the vault and when it can be opened guide someone there to destroy the destroyer. This would explain why the Angel can talk to you before getting the ECHO device, and i speculate from that it managed to hack into the ECHO network and used it to monitor you(the player) using it.

--Speculation addendum: Satellites can use microwaves to transmit energy amongst themselves, using this on humans can cause the brain to swell rapidly. By pulsating a beam of microwave radiation on the brain it can be interpreted as a human voice. Because this is unnatural it would be very suspicious to witness someone visually responding to voices in their head. As for the image of a woman, this could be how the human brain copes with the voice to buffer their sanity.

Also it should be noted that Tannis used to work for the Dahl corporation. The satellite in the final cutscene belongs to Hyperion.

--Speculation: The only person it logically could be would be marcus kincaid.

  1. When she laughs as if the player found the 2nd key without her help, marcus was helping them all along.
  2. He acts as if he is completely oblivious to whats in the vault, but he sold you the weapons to beat the destroyer. Quote "Who knows what your gonna find in the vault make sure your packing" Marcus from ammo vendor.
  3. He was driving the starting bus so he could have communicated.
  4. He has shown skilled hacking skills (such as when he hacked the claptrap in the zombie island of Dr Ned
  5. The game is a story told by marcus, he could have put the angel in to keep people wondering and listen to the next story (as many writers do)

--Speculation; Fuel the fire: The Guardian Angel may be using data gathered by whatching vault hunter activity in order to gain a tactical database for an easily deployable multi-purpose weapon system/platform. Like CL4P-TP Ninja assasins. (assuming the scene was more then a joke) Given the Angel's ability to communicate without the ECHO network, but uses the (presumably worldwide) network to see everything, the AI probably 'chooses' every vault hunter to assist in the hunt. Encourged to walk right into the heaviest confrontations, the vault hunters give a wide range of tactical solutions for the eventual 'ninja' Clap trap program. Pandora might just be one big training ground. Add this to the speculation that Marcus might be behind it all, then he would become the greatest weapons dealer in whatever passes for the known universe with highly trained, heavly armed, easily produced CL4P-TP Assasins.

--Speculation: What if the satellite shown is just one of many and is just a node in a cluster? It could hear and see tons of stuff with Eridian tech inside, but uses the ECHO network to keep track of the humans down below.

--Speculation: At one point in the game where you have to repair the first claptrap she says "would you kindly" at the start of the sentence .This is a mind controlling word to the protaganist of Bioshock, wether this is an easter egg (intentional or not) , just a simple sentence or maybe she really is controlling the player.

--Response to Bioshock speculation; Not to nitpick, but after playing Bioshock a couple times through, knowing the plot after the first run through, you only hear them say "would you kindly" about 3 times. It seems like the protagonist starts blocking those words subconciously (If memory serves....).

--Response to Bioshock speculation; Although a possibillity, it just doesnt fit with the rest of the story. She never says "would you kindly" throughout the rest of the story. Also, there is a part in the story where you find the second peice of the key without her help; She even scolds you for it! (Im referring to just after you beat Krom and take his peice).

-Response to Bioshock response: She doesn't scold you, she says something along the lines of 'You found another piece without my help.. or did you? Remember I am always watching you.'

-Note: There isn't anything in the game (that I can recall) that would suggest that Angel uses ECHO network for communication at all. When the ECHO is shut down, the Angel states 'we're flying blind', and when it's brought back online she states something like 'I can see (again?)' and also 'I don't know what you did'. This all would seem to indicate that Angel communicates to player through means independent of ECHO network, and that ECHO network (or components linked to it) are Angel's only means of observing the events on the surface. While there isn't anything in game that would suggest the (direct) communication was two-way, it would make sense to assume (from the level of detail of information that Angel can acquire) that she can observe the player closely enough that she would be able to 'hear' - wether through audio, reading lips, tapping ECHO network, or whatever other means. On that note, the article's description seems wrong. 'The Angel watches over the player throughout the game via the ECHO-net once the player recieves their communicator and heads-up-display' is wrong because clearly the Angel observes AND communicates to player already inside the bus prior to this event. Also 'Unrelated to the ECHO-net is the Angel's means of viewing the player' is wrong, because shutting down the ECHO blinds the Angel (while not hindering her ability to transmit messages to player) as per her own statement.

i read all of the stuff on this page and there are so many solid story's i want to believe them all. but there are so many holes in each one. For example if the Hyprion did BioEngineer the destroyer to protect their find. what destroyed the eridians. I mean your taking out the reason the eridian race died in the first place. All i can say is they should make a Borderlands 2 that allows hou to enter the vault and fight the destroyers FULL body. like the battle in the end of DevilMayCry when Dante fights moundus. and give you the whole history of the eridians and their conection to Hyperion and the GA. so i can stop being confused about who to belive and this headache can go away.

Actually, it is possible that Hyperion bio-engineered the Destroyer. Remember, it is immortal inside the vault, but "Needs a host body to survive in this world". Therefore, the Destroyer could have taken over a powerful Eridian, killed almost all of them, until the Eridians made the Guardians to kill the possesed Eridian, and make a dememtional pocket (the Vault) to hold the Destroyer itself. Then Hyperion came along, found out that the Destroyer is in the Vault, made the body to keep discoverers silent to keep people coming and buying thier firearms to deal with the creatures.Then, they made the 4N637 sattelite to lure the potential adventurers into the Vault to be slaughtered and keep everything nice and quiet.

on with the show

for those who have not noticed, Hyperion corp. pretty much keep Pandora running through the new-u stations, catch-a-rides etc. but what could be their possible motives for maintaining the infrastructure of a planet that was originally owned by Dahl?

let's go back a bit, now the Eridians were a super advanced race of sorts, living life as normal, one day they come across 'the destroyer' this thing assumably pushes them to the edge of extinction before they manage to seal it in the 'vault' and they set up a simple once every 200 years shot at killing it, so they can eventually destroy the abomination.

so now we have Hyperion, maintaining a rival corporations planet. why? it seems logical that they know something about it, but from where? now every one assumes they got it from the original vault hunters 200 years ago, but if all these people found was 'the destroyer' where do they get their tech and knowledge? i propose Hyperion actually are the descendants of the Eridians, having fled Pandora for some reason, losing the knowledge if it's actual location, but remembering it's existence.

also,they know of the destroyers existence, but they keep it hush-hush for the most part to prevent panic, but they did inform Dahl, leading to them pulling out from a rather successful mining project and saving their own employees.

from their i'm sure you can flesh it out, but it seems logical, no?

GA and the eridian

ok 2 things i want to bring up, firstly after reading all the ideas about the ga being eridian, they all track well, but there all questioned by the point tha the guardians attack you, so my second point is gona be 2 actualy, first there is no reference saying that the guardians are infact eridian, they may have been created by them or not and they seem to be very vulnerable to eridian weapons which furthur implies there not eridian, secondly if they are eridian and the ga is aswell, if there drones that are pre-programed with a set task i.e. guard the vault then there is a good chance thega would have no external controll over them as it would make them naff guardians if you could overide them, the fact that they all attack you in a similar set way would say that there programed to take set tactical action against a percieved threat. Any way thats my 2 cents if any one wants to chat about this i can be found on x box live under officialkalinor.

Diffrent person here putting my theory about the guardians. Right now the US army are making headway in drone warfare mostly through uav's. If the eridians are an advanced society capable of armed conflict then maybe they use drone infantry like the guardians (the statues under dahl headlands (missions ghosts of the vault) resemble guardians but with slight differences.) to respond to the mention of why would guardians be vulnerable to eridian weapons if one side builds better armor the other built better armor peicing rounds. This means eridian weaponry may be designed to work against gauardians.

Has Anyone Asked the Question, Why?

Maybe someone has touched on this before me, but since I beat the game the first time, it's always bothered me... why? Why, if GA knows whats in the Vault for any reason, if shes Eridian or an AI in cahoots with Tannis, or for any other background, would she WANT you to open the Vault? The Eridians were perfectly content locking the Destroyer up in an alternate dimention. And what would be the case if the main character COULDN'T kill the destroyer? You've then unleashed a billion year-old immortal world-eating super-squid... Instead of leaving it locked up, she tricks the main character into opening it... why? What's her motivation? Blastoderm 23:47, May 17, 2010 (UTC)

I think GA wanted YOU to be there when the vault was opened. Tannis and Steele were already on their way to get it open; Tannis remarks "I hope you're more useful than the last one I hired". The vault would have been opened either way, GA was helping YOU open it because she/it believed you were the one who could stop the Destroyer. Cyanide K 14:57, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

Well something weird about that Cyanide .Why would anyone think a simple man enough to defeat a monster while Big companies and armies are there ?Maksys

There is a question of why not try to find a way to encurage people to hid the keys, it would even be as simple as finding one and taking it to a random world making the rest useless. As the creature is immortal only using a host, there is no way to kill it, so sending someone to attack was a pointless waste of life. ~Demons_blood34

GA Is the Destroyer?

While I know my theory isn't very plausible, and after looking through all of the above text, I know it's porbabaly wrong, but when I first saw the destroyer this is what I thought:

The destroyer controls the GA, and is planning on communicating with the player to make the player open the vault so the destroy can destroy. While the GA seems quite sympathetic in the beginning with the Claptrap and all, how can we know this isn't simply an act by the destroyer to win you over and try to make you trust it? The destroyer could have hacked into the hyperion satellite telepathically, similar to how the GA communicates with you. Then the destroyer could have used this satellite to track you through the echo system. The 4N637 could have been a coincidence, or the satellite could have originally been used to make sure the destroyer was fought back, before the destroyer hacked into the satellite. To be honest, if the previous sentence is true, this would have been an extremely intellegent decision on the destroyer's part. Also, the destroyer could have been created long, long before the actual playthrough by the Eridian as a last resort, since they were running out of resources. What I mean by 'Last Resort' is it was created to strip the planet it was on of all it's resources and transport them to the Eridian's planet. This is similar to one of the theories above, which states that the destroyer might have already destroyed the planet, because destroyed doesn't mean blown up. This would have to mean that the destroyer already completed it's task, and the vault opened up once every two hundred years, incase the planet yeilded any more resources.

But that's just my theory. ~Anonymous

Contradiction - But after you kill the Destroyer, the GA speaks to you, saying 'You did it !' How can the GA talk to you after you killed her?
But you don't kill it, you just banish it - and GA spoke to you before, when Destroyer was in its own dimension. Also, note how GA plays along after destruction and tells you to bring key back to Tannis, so the next batch of vaulthunters will have less trouble reopening the Vault.

Occam's razor

Read some of the talk page, and here's what I think-

1. Story is real. What happened in the game actually happened. For all we know real life is a lie. 2. The satellite created by Hyperion contained an AI that is the guardian angel. For whatever reason, this is the case. 3. GA communicates with you via telepathy or some advanced form of direct communication. Which is essentially telepathy. 4. The guardian angel wishes to save everything, so she picks someone (you) to open the vault and hopefully kill the monstrosity within.

I say past this we treat it like Shakespeare; if the story didn't talk about it, it wasn't important.

But that's just my personal opinion. Have fun speculating.

Hyperion vs Atlas and the GA

First, Atlas at one point in the recent past found a cache of alien weaponry that they reverse-engineered, giving them an advantage since they could now create much more powerful weaponry than their competition. However, Hyperion weapons are nearly just as rare as Atlas weapons and in most cases are either just as powerful if not more so. Second, Dahl was apparently the first corporation to arrive on Pandora and thus "lay claim" to it, yet it appears that Hyperion runs the planet behind the scenes, what with the clap-traps, new-u, and catch-a-ride stations. Add that to what we see in the final cut-scene of the Hyperion satellite and it's apparent association with the GA. Also, at some point prior to the Vault Hunters arriving, Dahl suddenly pulled from the planet despite a successful mining operation and providing funding for someone who is passionate about finding the vault. All of this leads me to believe that Hyperion has some connection to the Eridians, already knew about the vault and what it contained, thus made sure they had some presence on the planet once another corporation arrived, so they could watch over and prevent the vault from being opened or at least try to have someone be there the moment it was opened to defeat the destroyer. Thus I believe the GA to be directly associated with Hyperion. Either as an A.I. or as a feed from an agent within the company. That and if Hyperion truly wanted to preven the vault from ever being opened, why did s/he/it keep pusing you to acquire all of the keys in order to open the vault in the first place? My best guess for that is Hyperion/GA must have known that the vault hunter(s) were the one(s) destined to actually defeat the destroyer. A beast that the entire Eridian race sacrificed themselves to lock away within the vault.

All speculation, but it makes logical sense, does it not? 00:59, June 25, 2010 (UTC)Deymus

The destoryer was not killed, only its host was. ~Demons_Blood64

A few random points

Hey ya'll. I just finished my first playthrough of Borderlands (yes, I know I'm behind the game...) and read the entire speculation page so far, and thought of a few things.
For one thing, everybody assumes GA is associated with Hyperion because of the 4N631 satellite w/ Vault symbol surrounded by angel wings. I just feel that I should point out that a huge quantity of stuff on Pandora is built from SCRAP. Who is to say that some third party (Tannis, an Eridian remnant, etc) couldn't have found a mostly-intact Hyperion satellite, upload the GA program, slap on a few decals, and launch it into orbit? Pandora seems to have a low gravity (since you can jump really really high) so perhaps escape velocity wouldn't be too hard to achieve. That said, I do lean towards agreement that Hyperion has a hand in this. The uber-tech they have (They can build a human from scratch... that seems to be difficult) that they could have perhaps gained from the Vault.

Also, from my recollection of the past few days of gaming, the Angel rarely directly egged you on to getting the Keys. She mostly aided, but it was inevitably others who pointed you towards Keys, except for the third piece. Maybe, as an AI or whatever that has a vested interest in keeping the Vault secure, she sees it as inevitable that SOMEONE will get the keys together and open the Vault, so she chooses those with the best chance of killing the Destroyer, as opposed to some less capable forces *cough Steele cough.* If she hadn't urged you to the Vault, you could have missed the opening, Steele would have been killed, and the Destroyer could have manifested more completely and become unkillable by human means. On the other hand, if she did nothing at all, someone (perhaps you, perhaps Atlas or others) would have gotten the keys and opened the Vault, being completely unprepared for the Destroyer, and be promptly... destroyed.

Thirdly, (and this has been mentioned before) if the Angel were Eridian of some sort or another, I doubt she'd call the Guardians off of you (assuming she could) except on the very last mission, when time was of the essence. I will also posit that Guardian are only semi-sentient, and are essentially robots with one program (kill everything that moves). I noticed that if Guardians were around, there was no other fauna, no skags or spiderants. If this assumption is correct, that is because the Guardians have long since killed them off. The only beings are humans (new and currently fighting them) and Guardians. Perhaps she thought that leaving them on to slow down Atlas was also worth slowing you down. Personally, Atlas was always a bigger threat and slowed me down far more than the Guardians.

Oooh! New revelation. This just occurred to me (literally as I was writing this)! Clap-Traps can read your DNA remotely. I don't know how they do it, whether from shed epithelial cells or what, but they know who you are based on your DNA. If we take any of the "GA is somehow associated with Hyperion" theories as true, then SHE could read your DNA remotely. Perhaps even from orbit, and perhaps she chose you even further back, sifting through the DNA of all humans to find The Chosen Ones who could be powerful enough to beat the Destroyer. Although that presupposes that she has far more power than implied, even reaching off-planet into other human worlds. Mayhap she's been manipulating your whole life up to this moment, more subtly than directly talking to you or others, but she could have deeper powers of suggestion (emboldening the other competitors at Mordecai's tournament, making them accuse him of cheating, therefore building his grudge against the world, increasing his greed, making the Vault seem more and more valuable in his eyes. Stuff like that.) That last part is getting pretty far-fetched, but there's no direct evidence against it, and it explains one thing that always bugs me about games. I call it "The Hero Principle." In short, why does this random off-worlder manage to become many times better than a hardened soldier who has years of training and experience? It shows up a lot, and I like games that give a good reason for why the PC is so freaking epic. (Halo: you're biomechanically enhanced, wearing power armor. That's a reason that you're so damn good. However, games like Call of Duty don't give a reason why this random soldier suddenly gets EPIC.)

Ok, random wanderings of mind over now.

-Waladil 01:31, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

Thought I might as well go to the bottom and post on all this...but one comment that stood out to me was that the GA was a only a story reference used by Marcus and didnt only exist till recently. While I know that Designers have been known to be diabolical and twisted about putting plot twist into things, I doubt 2k and Gearbox were going to put something that subtle into the game. Therefore I dont think Tannis created it. Also, the GA seems to be a very advanced AI so it doesnt seem neccasary for Hyperion or Dahl to have actually made it to end up in their equipment. Its very likely it can hack itself into anything. Thirdly it seems unlikely that the GA is Eridian otherwise I think it would have stopped you from killing them. Now based off of all of this I have just shot down every possible theory, which is a major problem. I doubt everything is true I just said but it is something that should be grouped up in the same paragraph.

On the original GA page someone made a very good point on the fact that Hyperion literally means "Watcher from above."

ok, this is something that ive thought about too and some of whats been posted here and other places. (and ill dumb this down so that its completely understandable to EVERYONE.)

1. hyperion means watcher from above. and in the companies page it also talks about what and how some of these companies came to be.


Atlas-----The Atlas Corporation was the first company to discover alien technology, on the planet Prometheus, and reverse engineered it in order to manufacture more traditional weaponry with the benefits of this new technology.

Dahl----- found pandora and paid for most things there til atlas and other companies moved in.

Hyperion----- Hyperion may have significant connections with the Eridians (see [[Guardian Angel|Guardian Angel]] for some theories). This would make sense, as the other company with "alien" technology - Atlas - is named after the son of one of the Greek titans. This would imply that Hyperion, an original titan, began with Eridian technology as opposed to Atlas, the son of a titan, who merely found it.

Jacobs----- ruthless and obsessed with damage.

Eradian----- Little is known about the Eridians, although their importance is unquestionable. What is known is that they had advanced to a technological state far superior to that of humanity and had maintained at least part of their society on Pandora. Not only did they create the Vault, but they are also believed to be responsible for leaving the Guardians behind to protect it. It has also been determined that their entire civilization has been destroyed at some point after the creation of the Vault. Eridian ruins can be found in several locations on Pandora as a final testament to that civilization. By reverse-engineering broken remnants of alien technology, of possibly Eridian origin, humanity made centuries of technological advances almost overnight. It also made the Atlas Corporation the most powerful company in human space, as they were the original discoverers. Their find triggered the "gold rush" of corporations to planets like Pandora and later, the tales of the Vault.

Maliwan----- elemental experts.

S&S ----- damage experts.

Tediore----- reload and whatnot

Torgue----- weapons.

Vladof ----- rebelious warriors.

- what this brings me to conclude (and this may be wrong) is that Hyperion HAD the tech before Atlas. atlas only found a vault, whereas hyperion could have possible been founded by the eradians or else by someone who had opened a vault while possibly on earth or whereever they first made it.

the GA is a program made to make it possible for them to destroy or else control how the vault is opened or who opens the vault, just guesswork.

and just because someone gives you something made by someone does NOT mean that it was not tampered with or adjusted.

GUARDIANS..... think about that name..... what does it mean? it means that they are guarding something.... like the vault and/or keys..... they were also created by the eradians.... who use lots of binary/leet speak. that would mean that they were probably major with electronics and with editing how stuff is made.... very similar to what hyperion does with the new-u/other stations.

then a fact from our history: all tales usually have some kernal of fact buried in them..... like the vault being heaven" could have been the eradians talking about the fact that they were sacrificing themselves for the protection of their world. elysum, which means heaven also means where you go when you are killed: eradians may have meant heaven as in the 2nd definition of elysum. which we also have no idea how this stuff was translated because we havent been given anything that shows what the origional translations are. if we did then we could see how they speak and therefore see what they mean by what they say.... like with how each person reads a bible and then gets their own personal translation.

and the satilite which has the angel tag is a satilite... but i think (cant remember exactly) that the screen faced space for a short while.... could someone look over that closely.... there could have been more than one satilite but only one has the program or something like that. eh who know but the producers.... and this all brings up this problem: will we ever find out all this? (sequel..... sequel..... etc.)
Crazyross 19:54, July 10, 2010 (UTC) Crazyross

Guardians are not Eridians

This mistake has been made in so many responses in this page, that it deserves to have it's own subsection. The Guardians are not Eridians. They were either created or employed by the Eridians to keep the Vault safe. 01:10, July 10, 2010 (UTC)Anon

ever notice Guardians _do not_ use Eridian weapons. wake up pandorans.   Dr. F    Chemicalweapon   Wordpress shovel   Boston globe bullhorn  01:54, July 10, 2010 (UTC)

Guardian Angel And The Satellite

I apologise if anyone has already mentioned this but what if the guardian angel is the satellite hence the 4N631 on the satellite. 15:22, July 10, 2010 (UTC) MamushiLT

In my opinion, GA is an Eridian. I think that the Vault was constructed as a prison for the destroyer, as saying it is immortal in the Eridian world, It would be smart to trap it in a dimension where it needs a host to survive. GA was an AI created by the Eridians, and they broke the key into pieces and hid them for any chump to find. When the bandits got the pieces the Eridians got worried that the bandits wouldn't be strong enough, thus using Hyperon's tech to enable any Vault Hunter, who has overcome other challenges (Such as the Rakk Hive) to prove his strength and if he is strong enough the "Destroy the Destroyer". Atlas was most likely mislead by this, and payed the price for it. The goal for all this was to kill the Destroyer.

That is my theory, Rakk_Hive out.

The meaning of Hyperion

Well, having read most of the discussion on this page, I need to remember all what or WHO Hyperion is. Was.

Wikipedia translates the greek wrong by stating it would mean "The High-One", but `Uperiwn // Huperiôn means 'overhead // above' and 'wandering // going', so it translates as "He who is wandering / watching (from) above" => Satellite (!)

Next, Hyperion was the son of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Ouranos (Father Heaven), becoming one of the 12 Titans who were even before the gods (respectively Zeus and Co.)

Atlas, on the other hand, was born by one of Hyperions siblings and is said to hold the sky on his shoulders. And now, at this very moment it seems as if I have stumbled over something maybe really - i mean hugely! - important:

Roman mythographer C2nd A.D.: On Atlas, who had been their leader, he put the vault of the sky; even now he is said to hold up the sky on his shoulders.

Remeber the vault? It builds itself by forming to columns into the sky. Atlas the baleful, he knows the depths of all the seas, and he, no other, guards (or holds) the tall pillars that keep the sky and earth apart. Sir Richard 15:05, August 11, 2010 (UTC) Sir Richard

Nobody mentioned the amazing accuracy associated with both Hyperion and Eridian weapons. Can they not both be the same? (Or close?) -Anon

How has this not been considered?

Why hasn't anyone considered the fact that the GA may exist within the Player Characters mind?

She would then be able to communicate with you and show you to the vault!

From your mind, once you receive the ECHO device, she could show you to the vault because the ECHO device contains a map of the entire planet.

Anyways , if anyone wants to prove m wrong , feel free.Octokitty76 11:12, August 24, 2010 (UTC)Octokitty76

By your theory:


Marcus: is beautiful day... full of opportunity!

Player (character): Yeah, oh right! ...Wut's dat??

*looks under the seat*

Player: Wooooo! It's a mushroom! Hmmm... lets eat it and than smoke sum weeed! Yaaah! Das ist good thinkin'

*eats the mushroom & smokes some weed*
*15 minutes later, near the Fyrestone Bus Station*

Player: Aaaah... dude! I shouldn't have ate dat mushroom... I think it was poisoned! Oooh.. look dat pretty lady wit blue eyes! Soo..... woot woot? Vault is real!? maybe then I should get up from this seat and go off teh bus!? And... oh yes pretty lady, I will listen to dat funny little robot... wutevah! Fame und fortune, here I come!

*gets up and approaches Marcus*

Marcus: Well, we're here! Don't worry about sayin' G'bye, will do this again soon! *FFS He's stoned...* GTFO My bus!

Player: Yah, wut ever you say Mr. Marcus sir, Im gonnah be a Vault huntaah! Yay!

*steps off the bus*

CL4P-TP: Whale cum Welcome to Fyrestone! I'm CL4P-TP, and call me... uh... Claptrap. Please accept these drugs... this ECHO Communication device, provided free of charge by DAHL corporation!

*after ECHO is fully loaded*

CL4P-TP: Great! I detected that your fully stoned... ECHO device is fully functional! This way plz!


I lol'd while writing this stuff! xD

I am not saying that your theory is bad, but most likely it's wrong.

Approved by AtlasZaph talkZaph contribs 11:55, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

A theory with no holes

Try and prove this wrong if you like...
First off I definately believe that the Eridians have nothing to do with GA, Also where is it said that the Eridians ENTIRE civilization had collapsed. Surely if the Eridians had enough strength left to imprison the Destroyer (Which they did, not Hyperion or anybody else) they would just go to one of their other planets, there are only very small ruins scattered across Pandora, not the kind that would belong to a race as technilogically sophisticated as the Eridians which leads to the conclusion it was a *side* planet of small importance (Untill the discovery of the Destroyer).
Now on to my Theory, Nowhere throughout the game does the GA prove it has knowledge of what is inside the Vault, all she says is 'be prepared'. After the vault had been opened there could have been three possibilities.
1. There was nothing inside or nothing worthwhile- "Be prepared" could have been for the shock of all the Vault hunter's work going toward nothing.
2. It was a treasure trove of alien tech - "Be prepared" could have been for the glory of the treasures inside.
3. It had a huge devouring monster or more enemies- "Be prepared" could have been to prepare for the fight.
All in all it is an extremely vague statement and could have been used in any event after it's opening.
This brings me to my main point, The GA is a Hyperion A.I, A.I's have already been proven to exist, even if only in a small and limited use, through the Claptraps, so it stands to reason that there could be more advanced A.I in existance. Although the theory that the A.I gained knowledge of the Vault through Tannis's equiptment malfunctioning is sound, it is more plausible that Hyperion used the GA to lead the Vault Hunter to the Vault (Which was already a known location as proved by the presence of the Atlas corporation later in the game) and let them be the first to claim whatever was inside, the Satallite was just a means of monitering the progress of the Planet. As for it gaining knowledge of the vault and it's workings, it has already been proven it has unlimited access to the Echo network (as long as it is operationable) and could simply have gotten the information from Patricia Tannis talking to her Echo recorder as a result of her phsycosis.
Have fun proving that wrong ;PBio Enhancment 411 23:19, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

A simple way to prove it wrong, in the beginning of the game, on the bus, the player character is not yet in posession of an ECHO device.Octokitty76 21:00, August 26, 2010 (UTC)Octokitty76

Look back over what I wrote, did I say thats how the Guardian Angel communicates with the Vault Hunter? This is a world where People and vehicles can be digitized and we are on multiple alien planets, light-years from earth, I'm sure it would be simple to transmit a series of controled microwave impulses into a subjects brain through precision targeting. Think about it and read more closely before commenting.Bio Enhancment 411 23:19, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

Uh actually there's one big gaping hole here. The Guardian Angel actually seems to know exactly what to expect from the Vault being opened. She apologizes for not telling you what to expect and generally seems contrite about not being more upfront about it in the end which isn't what someone who doesn't know what's coming would say. It also mentions that the Crimson Lance chick (forget her name) is going to get an unexpected surprise when she opens the Vault so she knows something bad is in there. So yeah, you'd need to figure that one out first. Misfit119 08:10, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

Let me just correct you, This is a Hyperion satillite so it would naturally have some connection to Hyperion which, as we see from the upcoming 'Claptrap's new robot revolution' has a military force. Commadant Steele's 'surprise' could have been, if the vault contained treasure, a Hyperion invasion and for anything else it still fits, it's a conman's tool, predicting all posible outcomes and planning accordingly. Just a thought.Bio Enhancment 411 23:19, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

Except for the fact that Hyperion's force wasn't deployed until AFTER you killed the destroyer AND slaughtered Atlas' occupation forces. Besides, GA practically browns her panties rushing you to the Vault once you get the ECHONet back up, so she almost definitely know's what's up. When the destroyer emerges she tells you it can be killed in this dimension, which means she knew not only that it was in there, but that you can kill it. I'd say GA -definitely- knows everything about the Vault, and if she is Hyperion AI, then they know too. As for why they sent the Assassin Claptrap, it's most likely so they can kill of the ONE threat to them taking over Pandora now that Atlas is essentially crippled here. Furthermore form that point, Hyperion likely knows of some genuine caches of primo loot, and wants to claim, sans the threat of some lone dingbat with sweet guns effing it up for them. How's that for a solid theory? zam. Moloko Symboro 12:42, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

The G-Man of Borderlands?

I think it should be noted that the GA and the G-Man from the Half-Life series are very similer in that they are always watching and guiding the player to reach the goal the guide has planed out for them. SuperMario2 20:39, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

Of course they're going to be similar, they're both omnipotent and carry the same purpose in the storyline. Not because one is inspired the other. NOhara24 20:52, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

I didnt say that the GA was inspired from G-Man. All I meant was that there alot alike and that it should say that on her page. I'm sure there are alot of characters like that, but G-Man is the most infamous and everyone who finds a character like that will think of him. SuperMario2 22:56, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

Also with both characters you never know who/what they are or who/what their "employers" are. SuperMario2 23:13, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

Playing the game more, I don't know if Gearbox had a clear story behind it. It seems a bit muddled. I think the ending might have been rushed out the door as the publishers pushed the deadline.

^most succinct rationale on the whole page.   Dr. F    Chemicalweapon   Wordpress shovel   Boston globe bullhorn  10:30, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

Dont forget, Gearbox also made 3 Half-Life games, so they could have just used a modified version of G-Man for the GA... Not saying they did but they could have. SuperMario2 22:41, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

A greek mythological interpretation

Hyperion in mythology is a titan, and like all other titans pre-date the olympians. I think that the hyperion corp, with its vastly superior tech (transportation and material generation as is the case with the ustations and car things, the always wandering always watching satellites and the not - which not coincidentally are intrinsic triats of the greek titan, and their advanced and rather rare weaponry - which share some charactersitics of the advanced eridian weaponry) truly predated the eridians(in place of the olympians as the developers didnt want to borrow too heavily from greek mythology). In the classic story the olympians grew rebellious and over threw the titans and what not. However, in later works that share commonalities with and may be based of greek mythology (chrisitianity, specifically the story of the rise and fall of lucifer - who would take on the place of zeus and the olympians, and as it relates to borderlands, the eridian) this rebellious, although at least equaly powerful generation loses and is banished/punished. So in the game that would mean that hyperion, the titan, maintained control and defeated the eridian, the olympian, by extincting their kind with the destroyer. The destroyer happens to be contained in pandora, which I'll explain. Pandora was created by the olympians to store all the evils of man. All the evils escape, with only hope contained as the story goes. Pandora is also a sister(in law) to Prometheus, that light bringer, which would explain why they are the two major planets in borderlands. As we all know Atlas discovers and is given advanced alien tech from the planet Prometheus. So it is with that same hope that they travel to pandora to try and get the hope contained within the vault(box). However *and here more artisitc license is taken by the developers*, Hyperion - the all seeing one(which is where the GA comes from - its the personification of the larger Hyperion corp, and seeing as how Hyperions motto is "We Make You. Period." accomplishing communication without an echo device is easy. The echo system and all that is just to make Hyperion Corp seem contemporary with its peers, instead of a flamboyant super race/corporation as was the case with the eridians hence their extinction) is angered by Atlas corp and, just as they did with the eridians, they punish. Classically speaking Atlas must bear the weight of the cosmos(ouranos/uranus-the heavens) on his back to seperate the eternal embrace ouranus shared with gaia-the earth. In borderlands tho, once again Hyperion smites with the destroyer. That 200 yr cycle, yeah thats the interval at which Hyperion Corp smites. Hyperion needs to get a vault hunter(you, your character) to go and kill the evil that they (secretely) released to punish so that it doesnt inadvertantly destroy everything else - hence the GA speaking to you and whoever need be to get the job done. They use all the outside parties, your merc, tannis and what not just to keep their status quo the same. They are but the omnipresent wanderers of the sky, the good guys, not some hedonistic and sin riddled race/corp - which also ties in with the theory that instead of completely following greek canon some of the stroy is christian based as hedonism and sin are inherent to the devil as well. but I digress - (eridians, Atlas) - but why not have a little fun (u.stations, weapons, etc.).

basically this could be really wrong, idunno its w.e. I just had to relate it to greek mythology because it is a clear source of inspiration seeing as how almost all the names are based in greek mythology and follow basic plotlines, with a few deviations, of the myths. so yeah. what do you think 12:05, September 12, 2010 (UTC)someguy71.197.138.115 12:05, September 12, 2010 (UTC)

The OTHER person who knows of the angel...

I'm not really active in the Borderlands community but this page caught my attention. But something seems to have escaped mention:

Does anyone here remember who coins the term "Guardian Angel" to describe GA? - It's Marcos when he's telling you about Pandora in the intro sequence... which seems to imply he also has knowledge of their existance. Of course I wouldn't be suprised if more people than merely the 4 vault hunters had been contacted so I don't think there's any conspiracy behind that. But it's worth remembering Marcos is likely aware of her existance and could explain how GA seems to find it funny when you "found the 2nd key without her help". 22:33, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

In response to that last bit, what does Marcus really have to do with you getting the second key fragment? It's all through Tannis and Crazy Earl. Just wondering how your theory here accounts for that, but otherwise, it's something to consider. Moloko Symboro 23:34, September 17, 2010 (UTC)
Marcus is merely retelling the story from the beginning. I would conclude that the events of the vanilla game already happend in "reality," and his narration is being told after the conclusion of those events.GT: ConceitedJarrad XBOX360 05:19, October 5, 2010 (UTC)
Marcos gives you the weapons and is one of the most important game characters. He transmitted a message to the characters (All of them or certain ones, whichevers canon) and he tells the story. MARCOS IS LORD! 14:29, December 25, 2010 (UTC)
I'm not sure Marcus can be thought of as a knowledgable god looking over Pandora just thanks to his narrative at the beginning, let's not forget it could possibly just be him narrating for the sake of it whilst in-game he is actually completely oblivious to what is going on. In fact it's possible the person he is telling this story to is told AFTER the events of Borderlands once the player's character returns to various NPC's and tells them about everything that happened. 21:38, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

It seems..

I think it should now be evident that the Guardian Angel was merely a program designed by Hyperion to use the vault hunters to keep Atlas from monopolizing the the contents of the Vault. Hopefully more will be revealed in the new DLC.GT: ConceitedJarrad XBOX360 23:43, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Some DISproof...

There are a LOT of completely idiodic speculations on here that are really stupid if simple common sense is applied.

Tannis can NOT be the GA, nor did she create it. Tannis lost her sanity LONG before she began believing in the Vault. When she lost her sanity, her intelegence went down the drain as well. Also, Tannis lacks the capabilities to build, program, and launch a Hyperion satilite dubbed 4N631, which also has the GA's logo on it. in other words... HYPERION made the GA. Tannis is just a Smart scientist turned into a raving Loon... Has no one seen castaway... that dude talked to a volly ball... Tannis just used the recorder...

-Just because shes stark raving mad doesn't mean she isn't smart. She might have lost touch with reality and still have her above average IQ intact.

The ECHO. It's a comm network and mapping utility. That's it... The GA probably just hacks into it to monitor things.

Hyperions current staff is about as brainless as the Lance. This is made apparent in DLC4. They couldn't have created the tech for the New-U or Catch-A-Rides. I believe that Hyperion is ancient... Much older than the other brands at least. The current Hyperion likely discovered what the old Hyperion left behind and copied the name. And I don't believe the GA is still controled by Hyperion or she wouldn't have been silent to you durring the DLC4 quests. I doubt that the current Hyperion even knows of her existance.

Hyperion COULD be some remnant of the Eridians. There are some bits that make me think so, but not enough to say it is so. The GA obviously does know what's in the Vault, knows way too much about the Destroyer, and she knows how to open it. Created by an eridian remnant, very possible.

Also, I believe the GA controls the New-Us. Otherwise any bandit, and of course the Lance could simply 'respawn' all their fighters every time one is killed... She gives the Hunters access to it.

I'll add more later.

Last Point: These Guy either can't afford the respawn or were banned somehow. Also the game just wouldn't make any sense if they could use it.

You're talking about the idiotic speculation of others yet basing your claims on the fact that Hyperion doesn't really make all the stuff they do. Seems odd.GT: ConceitedJarrad XBOX360 19:06, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

People are entitled to their opinions and theories, considering nothing's actually certain yet, it's impossible to discern who's right and who's wrong, so until then, nothing is 'idiotic speculation'. 21:35, March 13, 2011 (UTC)


Ok, these are the Facts we have:

  1. Atlas was the first company to use Alien technology.
  2. The Claptraps are made by Hyperion, just like the NewU-Stations, the Catch-A-Rides and the 45637-Satellite.
  3. Dahl was the most important company on pandora. they ran the mines, prisons, etc. (--> Dumpsters, Echo). Hyperion is kind of responsible for everything that has somwthing to do with teleport, meaning they are highly developed. Now Atlas is the only company that is still interested in Pandora since they know (how?) about the Vault.
  4. Hyperion is a Titan, and so is Atlas. They were on the same side Atlas= very strong; Hyperion= watcher from above.
  5. Colonys on Pandora aren't very old: a year (or "cycle") lasts for seven normal years.
  • Humans somehow arrived in winter, when most of the creatures where in hibernation, and exploited the planet. At the time of the game its spring or summer, after all the creatures awoke again (except most of the Rakk Hives).
  • Nothing is said how big or far developed mankind is. But i think if you can be teleported over the whole planet in few seconds, interstellar travel schouldn't take much time.
  • When the Animals on Pandora awoke again, the big companies left. If a cycle only lasts about 7 years, they can't have stayed longer than about 5 years.
  • I don't say how much time has passed since then, but i guess the companies would have returned if it was more than one cycle.

Now the Eridians and the Angel:

  1. GA anyhow operates through the Hyperion Satellite - That's what the Satellite was made for since Angel is written on the satellite.
  2. "The Destroyer might be invincible in his dimension" but in this dimension he can be killed.
  3. The GA needs the ECHO (Dahl) system to observe you.
  4. The Eridians were destroyed by the destroyer, but somehow managed to get him into the vault, which actually is the gate to the destroyers dimension.
  5. They left the Gate, which can be opened every 200 years

I won't make my theories public now. Just wait until BL2 is out and hope it won't be like beyond good and evil.

Satellite is Pseudo Red Herring

It is Possible that the whole Angel satellite is a red herring. Could just be a component of the NewU Stations, how else would a transfer of all that raw material from the middle of nowhere back to an outpost be possible. However if you tie that thought in with the information about Tannis' translation software expanding and blowing processors in her computer; that prolonged exposure to the glow from the ruins and artifacts was a contributing factor to Tannis' "condition"; and that this software was what the recorder was two-timing her with (giving said software the ability to access the echonet) it makes a crystal clear kinda of sense, granted it takes a little presumption.

The satellite is there for the NewU Stations, to monitor the claptraps and maintain the echonet, so none of the corporations question it and the people don't even talk about it. Tannis develops a piece of translation software and exposes it to the Eridian artifacts and ruins. It absorbs the glow and expands its capacity "overloading and melting four of" her "computer's thirteen qubit operators" as it forms the sparks of an AI. The AI being based on a translation program was able to understand and comprehend the writings in the ruins and their message. But in order to know the proper year and time she would have needed to get access to more information, enter the two-timing recorder. Using that the AI would have been able to gain access to the echo-net or a clap trap and from there she was able to infiltrate the satellite and 'hole-up' in order to keep an eye on things.

As for being able to contact you in the beginning of the game: The bus would have had to be connected to the echonet in some fashion (and do you really think Marcus wouldn't have his bus hooked up?) or maybe it would be like a catch a ride vehicle in which case it's already plugged in. In the narrative he is telling the story from a future stance, telling the story of what the vault hunter told him no doubt. That is my take. 20:32, October 21, 2010 (UTC)User1975623

Erm... the satellite had 4N631 on it. Thats 1337speak for ANGEL. It also had the vault symbol with wings arounf it.

The truth according to me

I think Hyperion is just a coorporation who wants to make money, a shitload of money. And what is better to make money than a bunch of treasure hunters on a strange planet. Let me tell you my story. I think Hyperion sneaked into the Dahl coorporation ,at the time Dahl had the power over Pandora, to organise an uprise. They told the workers that there was a vault hidden on pandora, a story Hyperion knew by reading ancient eridian texts. The workers did an uprising against Dahl, but bacame bandits and psychos. So the plan of Hyperion to make money out of the redrawal of Dahl failed. But later they had a better idee. Treasure hunters! Treasure hunters need weapons --> money. Treasure hunters need vehicles, new-u stations and health-kits --> money. Treasure hunters die, so they need the reconstruction machine --> millions of money! So they decided to spread the story of the vault, let the treasure hunters come, guide them through an "Guardian Angel", a "real" guardian angel doesn't need a ECHO system to contact you i think, and at the end let them defeat the destroyer. When the destroyer, something "nobody knew of", is defeated, the Vault closes for 200 years. That moment Hyperion says: "Sorry fellas, bad luck, the vault closed by defeating the destroyer! Damn". But they know the destroyer cannot be killed in it's realm and will respawn after 200 years for the same story. Hyperion knows this by reading ancient Eridian texts. So each 200 years treasure hunters come to Pandora, give a lot of money to Hyperion, "fail" in there mission, so Hyperion cannot be blaimed cause its the destroyers fault, and everything starts over again. So the guardian angel is a trap made by Hyperion to lead the treasure hunters to the vault and to give them false hope.

To me, this theory sounds logical.

Except it wouldn't be as efficent, selling weapons needss a middleman, Marcus, and the New-U stations really depend on how skilled the treasure hunters are, and in the case of the Vault Hunter, they're the best of the best, so it really would be an efficent busines model.

A possible combination?

See I believe in a combination of several proposed theories, resulting in;

The Guardian Angel is an Eridian AI left behind to guard the vault, as a result of the race pretty much becoming extinct, she had to hack into and use an old Hyperion sattelite to monitor the world, since Hyperion clearly no longer have a presence asides from selling Guns on the planet. In order to influence events and people on Pandora prior to the events of the Vault, she discovers and hacks into Tannis' Echo system so that she can create scenarios which end in how she needs them to end, ultimately resulting in the defeat of the Destroyer by manipulating the player from the very start to find the Vault, open it and eliminate the Destroyer.

Perhaps further supporting her advanced AI status is that as a super-advanced alien AI, she has the capability to use her power to calculate the probability of certain beings who could succeed in defeating the Destroyer, the reason why she contacted the player to begin with. This also might link to her ability to 'create' scenarios as a result of her intelligence by going through a near infinite amount of possible outcomes in order to caluclate what to do in order to make certain things happen, like influencing characters such as Tannis or Zed to help players find Krom, Flynt, and enabling the player to get to the Vault in time.

Also, I believe the 'Guardians' are pieces of technology left behind by the Eridians to further help the Guardian Angel protect the Vault, but as a result of the GA almost becoming extinct along with it's race, she lost the power to communicate with the Guardians and, as a result, they go rogue and release themselves to guard the vault, attacking the player and Atlas coorporation respectively.

In contradication, I think it's also possible that, in order to keep up the whole 'amazing treasure within the Vault' legend to entice the player, the Guardian Angel has the Guardians attack the player in an attempt to convince him/her further that something of value awaits them at the end of their journey.

Final Speculation

I'm wondering if it's at all possible that Hyperion are descendants of/actually the Eridians and are using the Hyperion Corp. as a way of hiding themselves, whilst using the 'Guardian Angel' satellite to monitor Pandora.

This would also mean that the Destroyer is linked to Hyperion/The Eridians, that it's possibly their creation for whatever reason, and the aliens guarding the Vault along with the Guardian Angel herself were made to keep it locked in the Vault.

If the above were true, I'd say the Destroyer is some kind of Eridian super-weapon that they created for control, but then discovered truly how powerful it was, perhaps even too much so that they couldn't control it themselves, and thus had to lock it in another dimension to protect the current universe.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

One Thought

The Guardian Angel has a unique interest in CL4P-TPs.This can mean she is a computer herself. She also couldn't be created by Tannis because the Guardian Angel is already part of the lore.

One more thing:

Guardian, Arch Guardian, Principal Guardian, blah blah, Guardian Angel.

See what I'm getting at?

I wanna be heard too!

There's a lot of theories on here, and a lot of them seem pretty sound.

Assuming that the makers of this game even intended people to dig this deeply into the GA's origins in the game, or her overall roll other than a vague compass, or a filler to move the quest along (as with others in the game)... A lot of great mysteries and stories were created in movies and games on the fly, and the writers had no intention, or clear purpose for it. Anyways... as I said, assuming that the makers of this game had an underlying story for the Guardian Angel, here is my theory:

I think Hyperion was created by the Eridians as a last ditch effort to keep themselves around. However I think that along the course of Hyperion's existence, the Eridians disappeared completely, but the company remained (like founding owners of a business retiring and handing it down to successors). During Hyperions time being run by the Eridians, conditions were set up to monitor, and maintain the safety of Pandora, one of which is the GA program. The program given a series of orders to follow, but allowed to go about it in the best way calculable by the program. If Hyperion knew it's original purpose, it seems that it would be more active in stopping the Destroyer (which is why my assumption that there is some reason that their history is unknown).

The guardians are obviously a safety system put in place to help defend against the Destroyer, but not necessarily a system interlinked with the Guardian Angel so if one is compromised, they cannot interfere with the other. Two independent safe guards with two different functions of their own, to the same means (one a defensive precaution: the guardians, and one an offensive precaution: the GA).

Given the GA's previously mentioned ability to calculate how to go about performing her programming, "she" sets in motions of moving you towards the end goal of stopping the Destroyer. Perhaps during her calculations, it was determined that assisting Tannis in her endeavors helped in several ways towards her end goal. Admittedly, Tannis' assistance leads to leaps in the story line.

Instances in which the GA mention that Steele and company are in for a huge surprise could simply lead to the fact that GA is not helping them, and thus have no knowledge of the Destroyer. That does not necessarily mean that she knows they will fail, and she may not be helping them for the simple fact that she calculates that Steele and company have a more likely chance to find the vault and beat the Destroyer despite the surprise of stumbling across it instead of treasures untold, instead of the chance that they will turn tail to more profitable endeavors upon finding out that there are no treasures and a giant tentacled extra dimensional beast waiting. Just because you are the one who succeeded, and you are the one in communication with her (GA) does not mean you are the only resource she has tapped, and not necessarily her only option. You are just a high priority option, and only because she guides you.

As for her connection to the Claptraps, it could be that she can tap them as resources when needed, which is why she asks you to repair the first one, and subsequently allows for the side missions of repairing any others. Every additional ally, no matter how small, is still one additional ally.

As far as GA's initial correspondance with the hero... I have no idea. It could be something as simple as a gaping plot hole in the story (even Star Wars has those). Maybe you are already wearing something capable of long range communication, and claptrap is really just upgrading it with the tech to tap into Pandora's hardware. I don't really have a theory about this, as both the previously mentioned ones (plot hole/tech upgrade to already existent device) are plausible.

Yes, my theory is missing things... And of course, it can be picked apart to find gaping holes in logic (as we aren't given enough information to make a definitive answer) and that is why it remains a theory, and is not a definite. Thanks for your time. I feel good knowing you read my thoughts, and thank you for posting yours, they made for an entertaining read. 22:34, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Theory: GA Origin idea.

Now I know this is not supported by any evidence but she could be an Eridian who made herself into some kind of program or software as some sort of way to eventually end the destroyer. Now... What I mean by this is that all the Eridians managed to do was weaken The Destroyer and seal him off in the vault, knowing on the off chance that people whould eventually re-open the vault she used the Eridians already extremely advanced technology (Minimum 200 year old tech) to put herself into that seemingly old satellite (maybe even later claimed by Hyperion?) or even that she originally founded Hyperion, but since the game gives almost no information on the GA it could be assumed that the GA has nothing to do with Hyperion due to the fact that in the Claptrap DLC Hyperion seems almost corrupt as they activated the main antagonist.

Now for my main question, why does the GA have to have any affiliation with the companies or the Eridians? Maybe she came before the Eridians? Now I know that seems farfetched... she seems almost omnipotent because until you hear her tell you she can't see whats going on because the Echo network is down (Which is what originally draws to the idea of an Eridian AI, as she is limited by the simple tech of the Humans and Sirens (Only 2 race categories I have seen excluding Eridians) and can only see via their equipment or is even embedded in the tech) there is no real way to determine this other than the fact that when you hear her mention that shes blind I dont find this evidence enough to support the fact that shes an AI at all but rather the last remaining Eridian and shes alive somewhere... I say this because there is no 'home base' for her to operate from other than that satellite, but that satellite has to have some kind of maintenence or SOMETHING right? 200 year of being pummeled by space debris and whatnot? I think shes just extremely tech savvy being an Eirdian and is able to launch a satellite or even hack one.

Now as for the legend of the vault, the legend is at LEAST 200 years old and imo 200 years prior to your character selection could have been when they sealed off the destroyer and since then the legend had to have been carried by SOMEBODY as the Eridians were all eradicated either it was passed down by Sirens and it eventually became mere folklore as they merged with the human populace or the GA herself left clues other than the weapons spread across pandora and told the story as she communicated with the many other failed vault hunters before you (as noted in the legend you are not the first).

I guess in the end we will have to wait for Borderlands 2 for a definate answer unless Gearbox decides to lead us like a dog on a leash and drop it for us to speculate helplessly...—Preceding unsigned comment added by Merluxx (talkcontribs)

What If there were no Eridans on Pandora?

It could be possable that Hyperdon invented the rumors about the Vault to A: Sell more guns to Vault Hunters and B: Damage the Atlas corporation.

Lets say that Hyperdon could create a portal (not impossable if you look at the Speed Travel on the New-U Stations) and that they could geneticly enginer a monster. They could get Atlas to investiage the Vault because of the temptation of the alien technology rumor and then use there moster to kill all the Crimson Lance soilders that attack it, thus damaging Atlas. The Angle could be a way to boost the amount of Vault hunters as the Angel could pretty much say the same thing to all of them to get them to find the Vault. Also The Angel could have been spying on Atlas and that would cause them to shut down the ECHO communecation (I know I can't spell) it was using to spy on them. 22:24, November 8, 2011 (UTC)xXranceXx

EDIT: as the header was changed, the following passage no longer makes any damn sense. Frysiggot2

i'm a little confused by your header, dotonetwo, that states "no aliens." are you suggesting that guardians are native to pandora? if we take the term "alien" to its literal meaning, then all humans on pandora are aliens as they are not native to the planet but were brought there to exploit pandora's rich natural resources. somebody has to be the "alien" here, mate.
Fryguysigwob 22:34, November 8, 2011 (UTC)


The opening sequence of DLC4 pretty much confirms that the Guardian Angel is a fabrication of Hyperion, as this was already widely speculated due to the Hyperion satellite being revealed as the source of her signal during the ending of the original game. However, the past existence of the Eridians, (who are never actually seen in the game) was originally discovered by Tanis, who was working for the Dahl Corporation at the time of the discovery. This is revealed in one of her audio logs. New sig 22:39, November 8, 2011 (UTC)

I'm saying that Hyperdon planted the evidence of Eridans. 22:53, November 8, 2011 (UTC)xXranceXx

Well, that doesn't make much sense. Did "Hyperdon" also plant the destroyer and the vault and all the Eridian prophecies? New sig 23:52, November 8, 2011 (UTC)

Possably 07:48, November 9, 2011 (UTC)xXranceXx

Just a thought after reading all this

I have a theory that has to do with lilith. I read recently that her charcter bio has to do with finding another siren like her on the planet so she can learn more about herself and where she came from. How much do we really know about sirens? What if this angle is a fully formed siren that has abilities unknown to us like being able to send messages or flying through time itself. Perhaps they can take over technology and use it to there own will. From what I hear the GA will be in the next game and so will Lilith. Perhaps they will explain more about each charcter more in detail. 13:28, December 12, 2011 (UTC)JustWondering

However, let me see if I got the main idea of this entire wiki page.

The First Theory:

The guardian angel is an AI created by a malfunction in the insane womens program to decode the ancient language she discovered. From there the program figured out from the ancient text that the vault only opens once every 200 years. It also takes from the text what actually lays within the vault. From there It takes itself and hacks its way into other programs such as the eco network and the sat and waits a few years. When the right time becons she grabs the first group of powerful people she can find, and from there she sends them out on the journey we all know and love.

The Second Theory:

The guardian angel is an AI created by a huge company to protect and watch over the vault. When the time came when competing companys found intrest in the vault they struck and allowed them selves first access to it for the reputation and fame.

The Third Theory:

We are all reading way to much into this. The guardian angel is just there to help the game flow properly and was a lazy game developing job. It was an excuse to focus more on the gameplay mechanics and less of the story so they could make the best game possible. Now that the game has been successful people have to see something that acutally is not there at all. However, because people are reading to much into this entire ploy the game developers have used it to there advantage to come out with a second game that people will buy just out of pure curiosity to see if the story unfolds. The second game will in turn be much like the first only hinting toward things to allow peoples imaginations to fly off the handle and allow them to make a third game, which in turn will repeat endlessly or untill they decide they have made enough money.

A Voice from the Future

I think that the GA is an entity that intends to take advantage of the de-destroyer-ified vault at the next 200 year opportunity. If this is true then there are few options for who will be around in 200 years.

I personally think it's a group of vault hunters in the future who want a chump to clear out the monster for them so they don't have to. Then they can open the vault and loot it without wasting valuable time clearing the entrance. Or maybe the destroyer grows stronger over time and they can't defeat it in their age with whatever technology they have available to them unless he's been weakened previously.

I would think it also reasonable that the claptraps could have become sentient and intend to be there when the vault opens again. That's why they go hostile and try to take over the planet.

A corporation could also be around in 200 years, but the way the GA communicates doesn't seem to fit that theory. Seems impractical. A corp could just call you into their local office or hire a liason and speak to you face to face. I would also imagine they would have support at the vault waiting to help you defeat the destroyer and ensure their investment.

The destroyer itself seems to be some supernatural creature, so it would stand to reason that maybe there are other supernatural creatures interested in it's imprisonment or destruction. But why would a supernatural creature be blinded by the echo malfunction during the game?

So, I personally like the communication from the future idea. 23:06, December 19, 2011 (UTC)

OH YEAH! ahem back to reality...I think the guardian angel is Eridian but youre thinking vault think deeper...maybe she(it) is the umm how do i type say this? umm how about this. pretend your an alin sentent race all of a sudden new sentiens try to fight,kil? you so you run but fearing the allmighty DESTROYER won't get out you put gaurdians there then as a last resort a eridian ai-ish thing spy ai android whatever to keep up with the day to day basis of the vualt and other sentient or close biengs, this would mean to me gaurdian angel is these three things . A young eridian with maybe a cloak or something to look like the dominent race of the planet. An android who hacked the system to make a look IN the system of a woman to pursuade people. the final idea is kinda stated already but ill basicaly re type it, the guardian is a erid. hack , she was put in the writing as a fallback or safe code so when tannis comes with trans. comp. the gauridan hijacks the computer then proceadds to go from there to the satelite to build up a warrior capable of killing anything , yes ANYTHING, like people rarely say sacrifice is worth it for the greater things in life. end trans mission —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

Unrelated events

While the scene does show the angel's face fading to the hyperion satellite, i believe the two are unrelated, here is how this works. The eridians are experimenting with teleportation tech, what we know as the vault was their first attempt, and it went wrong, bringing the destroyer, there was a war to destroy the monster, culminating with it being locked in the gateway we now know as the vault, the loss of control of the guardians, and the near obliteration of the race. Knowing they were going to die out, and that the vault, being a last resort attempt, could not hold the destroyer forever, the last few eridians created the guardian as a type of program to continualy deny the guardian a chance to reenter the universe, they then upload it to a planetwide network, and die out. Over time this network begins to break down, so while the GA can transmit to somebodies brain, it is a great strain, so it is much easier to use the echonet to work, and since the network is in shuch bad shape the GA can't track things, just comminicate. When tanntis says circular existance she could be refering to the fact that every 200 years the GA has to have somebody stop the destroyer. Now, the satellite is hyperion's monitoring system since they have no planetary forces, they see the whole vault incident from the satellite, and then start the INAC incident, since we see the INAC being created right after the satellite, and the saying angel in leetspeak is probably somebodies idea of a joke, since it would be and "angel" watching over the planet for hyperion. The reason the guardians still attack the player is because there is no way to control them, whti the control system probably being destroyed durring the war with the destroyer, or the creators of the GA never thought to give it the power to stop the guardians, maybe hoping the gaurdians could make the GA's job useless.

Flashburn283 07:53, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

Angels Origins From Me And My Cousin!!!

Nealon (me)-I believe she is an eridian hiding INSIDE the vault herself and probably used herslef to trap the destroyer inside. But it actually caused her to be trapped inside the vault as well and cannot escape. So she s using some weird way of usng the satalite through the ECHOnet an talking to the vault hunters on how to open the vault and maybe free her.

Jacob (cousin)- She is a coputer program gone rogue and was actually used to make sure that no one got to the vault before the hyperion or atlas gets to it first and take the richs inside of it. So she decided to chose the vault hunters and get them to the vault and get the richs but didnt think about the destroyer. so she decided to take over claptrap in the end and well accidently made him into INTERPLANETARY NINGA ASSASIAN CLAPTRAP leading to Claptraps robot revolution.

Sorry for misspelling!!! :)—Preceding unsigned comment added by Nealon The Siren (talkcontribs)

slepping doesnt count on talk pages so dont worry.   Dr. F    Chemicalweapon   Wordpress shovel   Boston globe bullhorn  07:16, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

I have a thought about the Angel

This combines some of the previous ideas stated already on the page. I just think that after reading all of them the truth has become apparent. To anybody whos idea I may be borrowing (stealing), just think that I am doing this because I liked your idea. So you should congratulate yourself.

The Angel was created by accident by Tannis. As her translation program did much more than it was expected to, part of that was creating the Angel. The Eridians left some sort of protection code behind on their stuff along with the robot/droids that are the guaridains. When Tannis' translator read the code it created the Angel. The Angel is a senitent computer program that can freely cross between networks and devices. It was originaly programed by the Eridians to protect the Vault or more likely to make sure the destroyer did not get out. In her (that is how I will refer to the angel because Borderlands needs more female characters. I mean seriously, there are only four. Lilith, Moxxie, Athena and Tannis. Two of them are cerifibily crazy) new technological state she could act in a god like manner to fufill her duty.

With that being said, Dahl used to be the primary force on Pandora. They controled the mines and imployed all the bandits that are in game. Dahl also hired Tannis and supplied her with equipment. The ECHOnet is a Dahl system. So when the Angel first came to existance via accident Dahl was the current power on Pandora. Being a rouge, and incredibly powerful program she could get into Dahl and the ECHOnet. That is why she "sees' through it. That is also why Tannis feels as if her ECHOrecorded was cheating on her. The Angel was using it, essensaly living within the ECHOnet.

Fast foward to the time of the game. Dahl has pulled out of Pandora and Atlus has steped in as the primary power. But the ECHOnet remains. The Angel learns of what Atlus is trying to do, open the vault and steal all the power within, and conspires to stop them. Enter the player. The Atlus corporation is efectivly removed from the planet within the course of the game and its DLC (General Noxx). But none of the DLC has to do with the Vault and that is why the Angel is missing from them.

At the end of the game the final video shows the Hyperion 4N631 satelite, with the Angel apparently inside. That is because she is inside the satelite. But she is not working for or with the Hyperion corperation. Having previously deminstrated her ablitly to live within other systems it is feesible that the Angel moved to the Hyperion satelites orbiting Pandora. She did this because Hyperion is obviously the new power on the panet. Originaly it was Dahl, and she lived in the EHCOnet, now with Atlus gone Hyperion is in possition to take power. The new Us, catch-a-rides and teleports are all Hyperion so it makes sense that the Angel would want to be within that. She moves from Dahl and the ECHOnet to Hyperion and the satelites.

The fact the Hyperion is the major power/dictator of Pandora in the upcoming Borderlands 2 only proves my point further.

So I read this wiki a lot, but this is the first time I ever added anything. I don't have a fancy signature, but you can call me LordSirMegaAwesome. Thanks.

Several things I would like to point out. 1. You are forgetting Steele, Helena Pierce, Lance Assassins ( arguable since they are most likely clones of Athena )and the Jakobs Corp. operator as other female characters just in BL 1.

2. Tannis is the person who made the Echo network, not Dahl. Also Scooter owns and Operates the Catch a ride stations.

3. While the Angel may be an AI, it is also feasible that she is using the satellite as a relay to send transmissions from where she actually is. She must be much older than even Tannis has been alive to know what is inside the Vault and when it can be opened. In any event, your story is as good as anyone elses and was a good read. --Veggienatersml 03:27, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

Post Borderlands 2 Release revelations/spoilers (you are warned)

Well, we're all wrong. Angel isn't an Artificial Intelligence. Dunno if you care about spoilers for BL2, or have a moratorium on spoilers, in the talk section, but if you do, don't read the rest of my post (seriously).

Angel is not only NOT an AI, but she's also the 3rd of the Sirens on Pandora (Lilith & Maya being the other two). On top of that, she's Handsome Jack's daughter. And he's even more amoral then anyone might guess as he's rigged her mind up to serve as the central 'node' for a neural network (hence the AI confusion). The satellite up in orbit is merely a means for her to view the planet. On the downside, she's literally enslaved by Jack in that she can never leave the sealed room she's in, has been cyberized, is getting pumped full of eridium 24/7 for years on end, and - here's the really big spoiler - she's the key to the vault/warrior and as long as she's alive, Jack has the means to open the vault. And, she wants/needs to be euthanized as as result of all this torture. 11:18, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

-Actually, it was hinted during the fight with her/pleas that she was "dead" long ago. Still her physical body didn't disappear so.... This could be a similar event as The Emperor from Warhammer 40k though, where the Emperor was "physically" dead, and somehow bound to it's corpse, like a revenant? 04:18, September 24, 2012 (UTC)

-I am assuming she was "dead" as in her life wasn't worth living, and that between the continual use of her powers and being eridium fed for years she became reliant on the stuff. There is an ECHOlog from back before Jack ran Hyperion and she is still very young when she was placed in the machine. Jack also mentions that Angel killed her mother, and that is why he originally locked her up. Since she knows so much about the Vaults and Jack has the vault scar on his face it is very possible that there is a lot more of this story to be told.

It should also be mentioned that since her Siren power killed her mother it might not of started off technology related. Jack, being the genuis he is could have intergrated her in to one so he could control her. 06:01, September 24, 2012 (UTC)

Hey, hold up a second... (spoilers?)

I'd like to make a brief point: I'm not sure that Angel should really be described as a Siren in the very first line of the page. People use gaming wikis to give them a sure footing while playing, so they know the basics of what's going on and they're not making too many dumb mistakes. So there are going to be visitors who might not even have played through Borderlands 1 yet, wanting to know why they have this person telling them where to go or whatever, and you're immediately telling them that their guide is a Siren before they even know what that really means in the context of the game, and not a spolier warning in sight.

I've always found game wikis to be extremely helpful, and maintained by an almost maddening dedication to helping and informing other gamers, and this wiki has been no exception, and I'm glad for it. So perhaps you could introduce her as your guide through the game, and then mention it lower down the page after a spoiler warning? I don't know, but there has to be a better way than using the first line of the article to reveal a major plot point of the second game in the series. 06:36, October 6, 2012 (UTC)

Hey I didn't read your entire post for fear of ruining more for myself, but the first sentence did it for me. YEAH ARE YOU GUYS FRIGGING SERIOUS? Is this your first ever wiki? There is a frigging tag for spoilers. I go to google and type: "Differance between Borderlands and Borlands 2 Angel" and I get: "Angel is a Siren and the daughter of Handsome Jack." .... ^That's how it is done (2 of this thing '{' then the word spoilers then 2 more). The first paragraph should be something like "Angel is a mysterious figure who helps guide the Vault Hunters through Borderlands 1 and 2" (in a lot more and more eloquent words) then almost at the bottom under the spoiler tag should be the spoiler information about her. I would fix this myself but I am terrified to read any more of the page. And admins, learn how to administrate a wiki. You should probably also have the section hidden by default. Jesus. Seriously you just gave away the very ending twists of the game. How unprofessional...
Degrelescence (talk) 02:12, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

Obviously, we are still in the transitioning page from going one from game in a series to two. There will be mistakes no matter what and wiki's are for information about the game. Whether people want them or not, there will be spoilers. Spoilers are to be expected, so don't get your panties in a twist. Razldazlchick 03:00, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

And had I looked up 'End of Borderlands 2' or even 'Handsome Jack' that would be a logical response. But this is the 'Angel' page and that's the first sentance and it is the ending of the game (that has been out for less then 2 months). It isn't unreasonable in the slightest to EXPECT there to not be spoilers at the top of a page about a character seen less then an hour into a hundred hour game (and in the previous game in the series). I have been very active on a lot of wikia pages over the years and never seen that before.
Degrelescence (talk) 03:53, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

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