Taylor Kobb is a non-player character, and later a boss enemy, in Borderlands.


Hating each other since birth, Jaynis and his brother Taylor have never overtly fought one another; opting instead to employ poison, traps, and assassins to do the other in. This has only made them stronger and more clever as they try to outwit and overcome each attempt made by the other on their life.

Eventually, Jaynis was able to wrest control of a town in Rust Commons East while exiling his brother. Taylor has since been plotting to have his brother killed and take control of the town and rename it after himself: Taylortown. He has followers of his own hidden among the population of New Haven such as Erik Franks.


Patricia Tannis sends the Vault hunters to negotiate with Taylor in order to gain access to the Trash Coast. Taylor's Claptrap is the doorman to that area where the next piece of the Vault key lies.



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