The Amulet is a side mission in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. During this mission, players can either punch Mr. Miz in the face or purchase the Mysterious Amulet.


"A choice must be made."

A mysterious merchant named Mister Miz has offered you an amulet. He won't say what it does, but he mentioned that if he were to only use one piece of gear to survive the Sorcerer's armies, he would choose the amulet. You may either buy the amulet, or punch Miz in the face. If you punch Mr. Miz in the face, the amulet cannot be purchased until you re-enter the area.


Location of Mr Miz sometimes

Location of Mr. Miz ... sometimes

Buy Mr. Miz's amulet


Punch Mr Miz in the face


Mr. Miz can sometimes be found in the Hall of the Dead, near the end of the Lair of Infinite Agony. If the exclamation point is not shown on the map the host will have to quit and reload the game. This should be done until Mr. Miz appears

Miz appears as a non-hostile enemy when the mission is accepted, and two interaction options appear at close range: "Shop" and "Punch" (punch being a regular melee attack). Shopping opens a conventional med vendor interface with only the Mysterious Amulet offered, and at an exorbitant price. Buying the amulet completes the mission, as does simply attacking Mr. Miz with a melee strike.


"You have chosen quasi-wisely."

Turn in: Mr. Miz


  • The mission's availability is contingent on Mr. Miz appearing, which is an occasional event.[1]
  • In multiplayer, only one player may purchase the amulet.