There are 4 red chests in The Backdoor, all but one of which are in plain sight.

Location 1 (Red Chest)

The first chest is just to the left before going onto the bridge.

Locations 2 and 3 (Both Red Chests)

The next two are next to the vendors before you fight Master McCloud.

Location 4 (Red Chest)

This chest is in the final circular room on top of the building where Commandant Steele appears. It can be accessed from the rocks on the South side. After jumping several times to climb to the top of the rocks, one can make a running jump onto the small window-like protrusion on the side of the building. Then a short jump will reach the roof where the chest is found. First-time players are particularly advised to loot this chest as it has a much higher chance of containing uniques or legendaries than usual. [1]

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