(Vault Hunter picks up an ECHO recorder off of a corpse outside the Moxxi's ...)

Cursed Bandit: The Bane... Marcus...

(Mission objectives update: Ask Marcus about The Bane)

(Vault Hunter heads over to and talks to Marcus.)

Marcus: I knew I hadn't heard the last of that gun. I bought it off a guy a few months ago. Great gun, but... it's cursed. I sold it to a bandit named Horace.

(Mission objectives update: Find Horace in The Dust)

(Vault Hunter travels to the Bug Gulc in The Dust where he finds an ECHO recorder next to Horace's corpse.)

Horace: McNally took the Bane... it worked like a charm against the spiderants, but the curse... if you're hearing this, find McNally. He may have left me for dead, but he doesn't deserve what the Bane will do to him... nobody does.

(Mission objectives update: Pick up McNally's ECHO)

(Vault Hunter heads over to McNally's shack.)


(Vault Hunter kills McNally and picks up his ECHO.)

McNally: Gotta get rid of it. Gar's coming from Lynchwood to buy it -- that idiot's got no idea. He never believed the stories about the curse... boy oh boy, is he in for a surprise.

(Mission objectives update: Pick up Gar's ECHO)

(Vault Hunter travels to Lynchwood where he finds Gar's ECHO.)

Gar: Had to get rid of it...

(Mission objectives update: Search cemetery for The Bane)

(Vault Hunter heads over to The Grinders, searches the cemetery, and finds the grave.)

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission.)

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