The Chosen One is a mission in Borderlands 2. It is given by Marcus Kincaid to find Kai, a man who owes him nine bucks.



  • Find Kai
  • Pick up Kai's ECHOs: 0/3


Marcus has given too much change in a gun sale to a man who was last seen in Sawtooth Cauldron. The ECHO journalist has left several ECHO logs around the area, marked by blue waypoints, each telling part of a story of how he met Marcus and was conned into buying an overpriced gun. All three of these must be retrieved in order to complete the optional objective with a greater reward, but are not necessary to complete the mission itself.

The nine dollars is on the missing man's corpse, marked by a white waypoint marker. To reach him one must first traverse areas populated by bandits, and the corpse is near a pond inhabited by various threshers.


"You've reunited Marcus with his one true love and learned a little something about prophecies in the process."

Turn In: Marcus


  • The Chosen One can be done along with Toil and Trouble as much of the area covered in this mission overlaps with that of Toil and Trouble.
  • The mission reward contains money exceeding nine dollars.
  • Evil Smasher, the weapon sold to Kai by Marcus, is retrieved from Marcus rather than Kai's body.

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