(Vault Hunter accepts the mission)

Marcus: I was making change for some idiot named Kai few weeks back, and gave him a ten instead of a one. I need you to track him down and get the nine bucks he owes me. He was mumbling into an ECHO device when he came in -- maybe you can track him by finding his transmissions.

(Mission objectives update: Find Kai, Optional: Pick u Kai's ECHOs 0/3)

(Vault Hunter arrives to Sawtooth Couldron)


Kai: Welcome, welcome, faithful listeners, to Kai's Korner, episode ninety-eight. Pandora is crap. Nobody's heard of me here. Uh, hello? Five billion ECHOcast subscribers. Maybe get outta the stone age, douchebags.

Marcus: It IS you!

Kai: Finally! A fan. Yes. Kai, Kai's Korner. Autograph costs a buck.

Marcus: No, no, no -- it is YOU! The chosen one!

Kai: Chosen... chosen one?

Marcus: Quickly, into my store! We haven't a moment to lose!


Kai: I-I'm an ECHOcast host, not a hero. You can't be saying that--

Marcus: The prophecies spoke of a man who would come to Sanctuary, forever speaking into an ECHO recorder. He would be a humble man, of unknown origins...

Kai: Uh, I've got five billion subscribers?

Marcus: A very famous man, beloved the galaxy over! He would wield the, uh... Evil... Smasher! Forged by my own hand, and save our galaxy forever!

Kai: Me? Save the world? I don't know...

Marcus: It is your calling! You MUST purchase the Evil Smasher from me and save our planet! You'll be rewarded with riches, fame! Moxxi's hand in marri--

Kai: How much for the Evil Smasher?!"

Marcus: Two million dollars.


Kai: Faithful listeners: I am going to save the galaxy! Armed with the Evil Smasher, given to me by the wise seer Marcus, I will head into the heart of Sawtooth Cauldron and cleanse it of evil. I always knew I was destined for greater things! I must go find my destiny, listeners. For justice! For glory! For Moxxi! CHAAAAAARGE!

(Vault Hunter finds Kai's corpse.)

Marcus: Pahaha! What a jackass. Now gimme my money back.

(Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary and turns in the mission to Marcus.)

Marcus: Chosen one -- pah!

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