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The Collector
The Collector achievement
The Borderlands "The Collector" achievement/trophy
Description Complete a crazy request for Tannis
Gamerscore 50Gamerscore
Trophy type Silver
Game Borderlands
Downloadable content Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Complete four missions to collect parts for Patricia Tannis:

  1. Fight For Your Right To Part-E
  2. Parts Is Parts
  3. We All Have Our Part To Play.
  4. A Part Of Something Larger Than Yourself


  • Rebel claptraps are encountered throughout the game, so Tannis' part gathering errands are best achieved by gathering claptrap parts whilst doing other missions.
  • The highest concentration of claptraps is in the Dividing Faults where the claptraps spawn in several areas of the factory and can be fought almost continuously.

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