Heading south from T-Bone Junction:

Location 1 (Red Chest)

After the Gatling Turrets and just before the first big curve to the west that leads to the central fortress there is a yellow bus on the left of the Tollway surrounded by crash barriers. There is a red chest on its roof. Beware of passing Lancers and Lance Drones.

Location 2 (Red Chest)

Enter the fortress by the steps on the right of the Tollway. Beware of Shock Troopers. Cross the steel bridge across the Tollway to the south side of the fortress – more Shock Troopers and Rocketeers, and a Gatling Turret, etc. On the platform just before you cross the second bridge over the Tollway is a red chest.

Location 3 (Crimson Lance Chest)

Still in the Fortress: cross the second bridge across the Tollway to the north side (more shock troopers) and go up the steps on your right. There is a Crimson Lance Chest here. This may be the first C.L.C. (or Crimson Lance Chest) you'll encounter in this DLC

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