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Open Building 03 in Fyrestone, and meet Dr. Zed.


thumb|right|300px|Video Walkthrough


  • Building 03 open
  • Dr. Zed talked to
"Damn, I thought I was a goner that time! Damn bandits won't leave us alone. Had to lock the place up tight, and now the damn door won't open. Blasted circuits are on the fritz again. Give it a go from the switch out there, would ya?"


Once the raiders attacking Fyrestone have been defeated, the Claptrap will lead the way to the house of Dr. Zed. Dr. Zed will speak over the intercom to say, "The circuits are on the fritz again" and that the door must be opened from the outside. After pressing the switch on the right side of the larger door, it will open, and a cut-scene of Dr. Zed standing over a body on an operating table will play. Talking to him completes the mission.

There are several lockers containing either money or ammo in his office. Guns can also occasionally be found in the lockers. NPCs don't mind people rifling through their lockers and lockboxes.


"Thanks fer openin' her up again. Name's Zed. They still call me 'doctor', even though they don't let me cut on folks any more since I lost my license. So I keep the med vendors 'round here up and runnin'. From the vendors you can buy all the healin' you could ever want from a real doc, thankfully without the "Vault is a myth you'll get yourself killed" lecture."


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