The Empty Billabong is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Peepot's friend, The Jolly Swagman, has gone missing. He'd like you to find him.



"Peepot needs some help finding a lost friend."
  • Find the Jolly Swagman
  • Search the Jolly Swagman's body
  • Find tuckerbag
  • Defeat Kraggons 0/3
  • Pick up tuckerbag
  • Return tuckerbag to Peepot


Once accepting the mission, follow the way-point to The Jolly Swagman's location. There, you will find his body. Peepot asks you to search his pockets, where you will find an ECHO Recorder. Listening to the recording on the device, you will hear Peepot declare his friend as crazy and that he does not believe him. Regardless, he will ask you to find his friend's tuckerbag. Follow the way-point to retrieve the tuckerbag. Deal with the Kraggon Eruptors that appear and return to Peepot with the tuckerbag. Giving the tuckerbag to Peepot reveals that a baby Kraggon, a Jumbuck, was in the bag.


"Purple lights are starting to sound perfectly reasonable, don't you think?"

Turn In: Peepot


This mission is heavy with references to the Australian bush ballad Waltzing Matilda, in which a swagman (itinerant worker) camps near a billabong (oxbow lake) under a coolibah tree and steals a jumbuck (sheep), which he places in his tuckerbag (food bag).

The Swagman clearly has the same voice actor as the Meriff.

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