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The Fall of Nakayama

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The Fall of Nakayama
Location H.S.S. Terminus
Given By Sir Hammerlock
Level 35
Rewards 4,751, 15,553 XP, head customization
Previous A-Hunting We Will Go
Game Borderlands 2
Downloadable Content Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt
Mission Type Story mission

The Fall of Nakayama is the final story mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. Professor Nakayama has been amassing his defences and stands ready to carry out his nefarious plan. He must be stopped!



  • Travel to Candlerakk's Crag
  • Defeat elite savages
  • Extend bridge
  • Reach the ship
  • Enter door code
  • Kill Jackenstein
  • Kill Professor Nakayama
  • Loot ship


Jackenstein has a variety of attacks, each of them very powerful and dangerous. He uses short range melee attacks as well as throwing projectiles and heavy energy blasts. His most dangerous weapon is his impenetrable skin: every projectile bounces back towards the character (excep for grenades) and deals a huge amount of damage.

When leaving the tube that leads into the arena, Jackenstein immediately spawns and turns on the vault hunter. In order to find some cover, one can turn left and look at the wall behind. There is an arc attached to the wall to jump and climb on. From there it is possible to hide in a recess behind a wall.

The next step is to shoot at the capacitors on the back of the beast, which when hit will result in critical hits. When each one is destroyed, Jackenstein will jump onto a distant wall and activate an impenetrable shield. At this point some loaders spawn and attack. After a while, Jackenstein will jump back into the arena and resume the fight.

When Jackenstein is back and upright he will reveal an aperture in his abdomen and unleash a powerful energy blast. The aperture is also his only vulnerable location in this phase of the battle.


"You killed Nakayama, obliterated his monstrosity, and saved Pandora once again. You go, girl.

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock.


  • Mission dialog mentions "man" as "the most dangerous game" to hunt. This is a reference to the short story The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell.


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