(In a corner of the Buzzards Nest's top deck, Vault Hunter finds Ulysses.)

Ulysses: Gotta get off this planet. Gotta leave. Need a supply beacon. A lunar supply beacon! Bandits stole one. They say they're my friends. Not my friends! Please get it. Please.

(Mission objectives update: Retreive stolen Hyperion beacon, Optional: Pick up Ulysses' pet)

(Vault Hunter takes elevator down to Guano Grotto, retreives stolen Hyperion beacon, and picks up Ulysses' pet fish.)

Ulysses: Tried to leave so many other times. I couldn't do it. That beacon, though. That's my ticket out. Just bring it back -- bring it back!

(Mission objectives update: Place beacon for Ulysses)

(Vault Hunter returns to Ulysses.)

Ulysses: Put the beacon down right there. Right there, right now!

(Vault Hunter places the beacon.)

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter Turns in the mission to Ulysses.)

Ulysses: I'll activate the beacon. So I can leave. Leave this planet for good!

(Ulysses activates the beacon.)

Ulysses: I can leave! I finally found a way off this Jack-forsaken planet! TAKE ME! FREAKIN' TAAAAAAAKE MEEEEEEEEE!

(Hyperion container moonshots in killing Ulysses.)

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