The Hero of This Story is Jack's first skill tree out of three. This tree focuses on the offensive and defensive properties of himself and his Digi-Jacks. His other skill trees are Greater Good and Free Enterprise.



The Hero of this Story Tree

Tier 1

  • Best Foot Forward - While your Action Skill is active, killing an enemy increases your Action Skill's Duration. This skill has diminishing returns.
  • Bolster - Increases the Maximum Health of you and your Digi-Jacks. Also, the longer a Digi-Jack is alive the more damage it does.

Tier 2

  • Just Compensation - Increases Magazine Size with all gun types, as well as Grenade Damage. Bonuses increase for every Grenade missing from your supply. If you are carrying the maximum number of grenades you receive no bonus.
  • You Have My Shield - Your Digi-Jack gets a copy of your Shield.
  • Take Their Freedom - Whenever you or your Digi-Jacks kill an enemy, you and your Digi-Jacks gain Health.

Tier 3

  • Jack's Cache - When you or your Digi-Jacks kill an enemy you get a stack of Cache. Throwing a Grenade when you have 4 stacks consumes all Cache stacks instead of Grenade ammo.
  • Inspire - Jack will occasionally Inspire you with words of Greatness.

Tier 4

  • Hero Pose - Increases Shield Capacity, Shield Recharge Rate, and Shield Recharge Delay.
  • On My Mark - Press your Action Skill button during your Action Skill to cause your Digi-Jacks to throw a copy of your Grenade at an enemy under your crosshairs. You can do this once per Action Skill Activation.
  • Lean On Me - Increases Fire Rate for you and gives your Digi-Jacks a chance to fire a Bonus Corrosive Shot based on how high your Health is.

Tier 5

  • Persistence - While your Action Skill is cooling down, you gain Shield Capacity and Health Regeneration. The lower your Health, the stronger the Regeneration.
  • Resolute - You and your Digi-Jacks gain Damage Resistance and Weapon Damage for a few seconds after you gain damage.

Tier 6

  • Promote the Ranks - Your first Digi-Jack spawned will be a Badass that deals Increased Damage, Increased Health, and can launch a powerful Digi-Missile Barrage. Each Digi-Jack spawned afterwards has a chance to be a Badass.


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Expendable Assets
The Hero of This Story Greater Good Free Enterprise

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