The Iceman Cometh is an optional mission given by the Bounty Board at the Happy Pig Motel in Three Horns Valley. It becomes available sometime between completing A Train to Catch and leaving Sanctuary during Rising Action. (The exact point of availability is unconfirmed.) Also, No Vacancy must be completed to activate the Bounty Board.

Claptrap says that Roland wants to kill the Bloodshots but he has a better plan: making them freeze to death. This is to be done with "blastamite" (the dynamite sticks next to the bounty board) rigged the furnaces in the bandit camp.



  • Gather explosives at Happy Pig Motel
  • Plant explosives on furnaces (0/5)
  • Activate transmitter
  • Kill Freezing Psychos (0/8)


Explosives are first collected at the Happy Pig Motel. These will be used to detonate some bandit furnaces at the Drydocks.

The Drydocks are in Three Horns - Divide near the northern exit to Three Horns - Valley. Inside the fort there is a furnace near the entrance, at ground level. Farther away there will be two furnaces on a platform on the left side. The final furnaces will be in the back elevated at the top of some scaffolding.

Once the explosives are placed, Claptrap instructs his minions to detonate the dynamite by using a detonator placed in the middle of the area. When the explosives are detonated, a wave of frozen psychos will emerge from buildings, protected from the cold by their snow hats, and rush to attack.


Turn in: Happy Pig Bounty Board


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