The Meriff, real name Huxter T. Meredith, is a character from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Huxter was originally working for Hyperion, under Jack's division. At some point, he made a deal with the Lost Legion, and started to sabotage Hyperion's moon base, in exchange for money and power. He took control of the spaceport Concordia, claiming both titles of Mayor and Sheriff, which he combined into "Meriff".


When the Vault Hunters get to Concordia, Jack suggests them to go look for the Meriff. However, they are locked out of his office, so they have to look for help from Moxxi. While fixing up the transmitters for Moxxi, they discover that the Meriff has been involved in sexual activities with a geisha bot named Sereena. Later, after defeating Red Belly, and disabling the jamming signal at Crisis Scar, the Vault Hunters and Jack discover that the Meriff was working for Colonel Zarpedon all along. They then proceed to confront him at his office. While Jack initially has no intentions to kill him, he then changes his mind after the Meriff tries to shoot him from behind.



His title, "Meriff", is a combination of the words "Mayor" and "Sheriff" which he admits sounded better in his head.


On his title card there are three latin words however only one word is visible "Avarus" which is a masculine adjective meaning "greedy, covetous". The third word has only three letters visible "cal". The word might be "calamistratus" meaning "lazy, effeminate".

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