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The Not-So-Phantom Tollbooth

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The Not-So-Phantom Tollbooth
2012-09-27 00034
Gotta pay the troll toll
Challenge Data
Requirements Pay 5 PGD (Pandoran Global Dollars)
Badass Points 1
Location Bloodshot Ramparts


The Not-So-Phantom Tollbooth is an easy challenge worth 1 Badass Rank found in the Bloodshot Ramparts.

After going down the stairs from the start of the area (past the vending machines), look for the traffic stop for the dam. There is a toll booth with a "Dahl" sign on it. On the side is a slot for money.

After paying $5 the challenge will be completed.



Borderlands 2 The Not So Phantom Toll Booth Challenge00:51

Borderlands 2 The Not So Phantom Toll Booth Challenge

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