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The Nth Degree is a skill in Gaige's Ordered Chaos skill tree. After the (N - 1)th bullet hits an enemy, she will receive a stack of this skill. The next time a bullet hits an enemy, this stack will be expended, and the bullet will ricochet to hit another enemy.

Skill Progression

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Definition of N 9 8 7 6 5

There are no class mods that boost this skill beyond 5 levels.

The value of N is equal to 10 - (skill level)


  • Bullets that ricochet by the effect of Nth Degree, after they were previously ricocheted by the effect of Close Enough, will provide 100% damage of the originally fired shot.
  • Putting a single point in this skill is worthwhile in situations with more than one enemy, as it provides an effective 11.1% damage boost. However, successive points after the first add little to the effect, in a manner similar to the Guided Missile skill from Borderlands. For instance, with two points, a total of 12.5% damage is added, a mere 1.4% damage bonus improvement. From the third point on, each point provides a slightly better bonus than the second point, but never more than 3.3%. Maxing out the skill gives a total effective damage bonus of 20%.
    • The Nth Degree enables Gaige to hit enemies that are behind cover, economizes ammo, and gives a much larger damage bonus if combined with Anarchy and Close Enough.

Gaige Skills
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