Karima: Now that our brains aren't going to rot from the inside, let's move onto point two on my agenda: revolt. If we are to shake off Hyperion control, the town will need a shield like Sanctuary's to protect it from moonshot blitzes. If you could donate some shields to the town, I could scavenge them and build us a shield.

(Mission objectives update: Drop shields into grinder: 0/5, Pick up shield cores: 0/5)

(Vault Hunter approaches the grinder ...)

Karima: Just drop whatever shields you no longer want into the grinder.

(Vault Hunter drops a shield into the grinder.)

Karima: Yes, just like that! A few more shields, and I'll be able to build us a defense field out of the parts. I was a computer engineer, before Overlook's old administrator died and left me in charge.

(With a lot of clunking noise, the grinder produces a shield core.)

Dave: Karima, you cain't make us no techy shieldy thing -- you's a WOMAN! Now, if the town needed someone to make us a big ol' sandwich, THEN we'd call you.

Karima: Your feedback is appreciated, David.

(Vault Hunter throws the remaining shield into the grinder to be processed then collects the cores.)

Karima: Thanks for the gear, stranger -- I'm ready to build the shield now. Grab the scrap and bring it to me.

(Mission objectives update: Deliver shield parts)

(Vault Hunter delivers shield parts.)

Dave: Y'all's just gonna blow yourselves up. Better quit now!

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

Karima: Thank you for your input, Dave.

(Vault Hunter turns inthe mission to Karima.)

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